Why this website?

Travel attracts all of us, or almost all. Search for adventures, discover new cultures, need to escape, see wonderful landscapes… But when you have got a dog, how is it?

Don’t you leave? Ask to your closers to take care of him? And if you could leave with him?!

It could be far or close, for a long or a short time, why let this life’s partner at home when you move?

There are solutions, things to applicate to do him enjoy the journey, whatever he is small or big. If it isn’t always simple, it is possible.

Our mission with this website is to provide you every necessary informations to leave peacefully. So, you will find there everything you need to know before begin the adventure your favorite fluffy ball. From transport to stress management, including papers and essential vaccines.

Well, rather let him home or abandon him, bring him in your luggage!