What dog to adopt when traveling?

All dogs can travel. In any case in theory. As long as they aren’t sick or refused at the entrance of the territory, they’re all able to follow you during holidays by the sea or even abroad. However, if you’re already a regular traveler and are planning to adopt an animal, there are a few things to consider.

Your tastes, modes of transportation and travel styles will influence the choice of the perfect companion. If you tend to favor the Nordic countries to leave or those in which the mercury rises high, it’s obvious that the length of the hair of your canid won’t be the same. A dog with a dense coat, like Honny, will always be more comfortable in the snow than on a beach in July. A dog with little hair can obviously go to countries where it’s cold and vice versa, but it’s a criterion that can guide your choice.


If you’re flying, it’s better to know which companies accept dogs. Then, if that’s the case, some of them will refuse Category 2 animals, like the Rottweilers, and the Brachycephalics, like the Carlin. The latter, because of the shape of their muzzle, have breathing difficulties that may be incompatible with a trip by plane. Finally, if your traveling companion is old, traveling in the hold can be risky. In general, if you are stressed that your dog has to fly and travel far from you, it is better to adopt a small one, so you can take it with you in the cabin.

As for other public transport, it is important to know whether borrowed companies accept canids and under what conditions.

Travel mode

Are you more fond of hotel stays or nights in tents? This may seem strange as a question, but the way you travel can also help you choose your pet. If you opt for a fairly comfortable solution, in an inn, a resort, prefer small dogs. Indeed, all institutions that accept hairballs do not necessarily accommodate large animals. It will be easier to find a home with a Chihuahua than with a Golden Retriever! On the other hand, if you move a lot, sleep in tent and bivouac, a dog a little bigger will keep you company, protect you if necessary and will be able to walk long by your side.


One of the questions to ask yourself too: are you athletic or not? If you do a lot of trekking trips for example, an athletic dog who needs to be active will be ideal for you. In this case, a sheepdog, such as the German Shepherd or Border Collie or a pointer like the Braques, could suit you perfectly.

On the contrary, if you do not go out very little and you are rather like to spend your days enjoying the seaside, a calm dog, with a calm temperament will make you happy.

Whatever animal you decide to adopt, you must be ready to devote time, but also to adapt your itinerary and your holidays. The dog will know how to get you off the beaten track, help you meet people and keep you company along the way! In order to find the perfect companion, do not hesitate to advise you when you adopt a shelter.