What about insurance?

Insurance for dog is like a health mutual for human. Nowadays, less than 10% of every pet has one. It allows to face outlays up in case of accident or disease, especially when you are travelling and you are away from your regular vet.

As for you, it exists a lot of insurances and of course, many frames that fit your needs and your budget. However, you should consider some exclusions, commons in the clear majority of insurers.

What is not taken in charge

Puppies less than three months old and dogs more than seven years old aren’t covered by all insurances because they are evaluated too much weak. Some breeds could be left out, just as dogs affected by hereditary illness.

Most of the time, castration and sterilization’s fees are not included in proposed formulas, as hygiene products which are not medical.

If you program travelling abroad, make sure to take an insurance which defrays all or any part of vet fees already paid in case of problem on the spot – or even repatriation in your country. This will allow you to come back with your pet, regardless of its problem and not to be obliged to leave it there.


Some insurers are specialized in pets’ insurance, as Healthy Paws, Petplan, Nationwide, Pet First, etc. if you’re from United States or Animal Friends, More Than, John Lewis Finance Pet Insurance, etc. if your live in Great Britain… But it is possible than your insurance (home, vehicle, etc…) can propose you a contract for your dog. Don’t hesitate to ask further informations.

There are companies that take care of certain veterinary expenses in Europe and around the world… You can be more or less cash in but also have a deductible to pay. The best is to compare offers to find the most suitable formula for your pet if you want to insure it.

Insurance is not compulsory for your dog, but it can be very useful when you travel or if it has a poor health. If you want to protect your traveling companion, do so as soon as possible. However, you remain free to take out insurance or not, according to your needs, your means and the risks you want to take.


In addition to health problems it can have, you have to consider damages your dog can cause. According to the article 1243 of the Civil Code, “the owner is responsible for the damage caused by the animal, whether the animal was in its custody or was lost or escaped”.

The liability covers you against this damage and the “victims” are compensated when your pet degrades a property for example.

How do subscribe to this insurance? Often, your own comprehensive home insurance also extends to the damage caused by your dog. Otherwise, it should be reported in your liability insurance contract. Check the risks covered and the cost of the deductible.

Becareful, according to the law n°99-5 of 09/01/1999 and the law n°200-582 of 20/06/2008, dog’s owners of categories 1 and 2, but also of hunting dogs, have the legal obligation to take out civil liability insurance for the pet.

You will understand, if it isn’t mandatory, insurance for your four-legged companion can be very helpful in many cases. It is up to you whether or not to choose one adapted to your dog and his needs so that your journeys, but also your daily life, proceed as best as possible.