What about dog droppings?

Really tanned to pick up, dog droppings are a small inconvenience when adopting a dog. No matter how much you know, it’s never pleasant. One can sometimes even be careless or end up without tools to pick them up. But what are the consequences when you don’t pick up dog poop? 

Article R632-1 of the Penal Code prohibits leaving dog droppings on public roads, sidewalks, in public green spaces or in children’s play areas. Dog owners therefore have the obligation to immediately pick up their droppings, otherwise they are liable to a fine.


The fine incurred if you are caught in the act of “no pickup” of dung continues to increase. It has already increased from 35 to 68 euros in January 2017 and some municipalities have decided to type even stronger, as is the case in Brive-la-Gaillarde, Corrèze. In 2018, the municipality decided to increase the amount of the fines to 200 euros. And it’s not the only one to do it: in Hyères-les-Pins, in the Var, the fine has been raised to 168 euros for those who are taken to derogate from the law.

The purpose of is obviously to dissuade the owners of canids from letting their poop drop. To further encourage cleanliness, many municipalities have set up bag distribution points everywhere, so that no one is unable to pick up. This is particularly the case of cities that have the Toutourisme label.

But to avoid running out of time, it is better to always carry a few bags or, for those who want to avoid plastic, a shovel!


A fine of 200 euros may seem excessive, but when we don’t collect the dog excrement, what happens?

Obviously, they pollute the landscape, can emit strong smells and nobody is delighted to walk in dog poop. But they can also cause accidents! According to the site ramasse-crottes.com, in Paris, 650 people are hospitalized every year because they hurt themselves by slipping on a droppings! If municipalities are so firm, it is because they can be held responsible for these accidents.

Dog droppings also damage the image of the city, especially if it is very touristy, which can discourage visitors, and thus reduce the economic activity of the town. In addition, our four-legged companions can carry parasites, like other animals. These parasites can be transmitted to humans through excrement. Even though it is increasingly rare, young children are still the most concerned about this problem, as they are more likely to put their hands on the floor and pick up everything they find.

Finally, if like us you want dogs to be more accepted everywhere and it’s easier to travel with them, be careful to leave the place clean! Some municipalities are forced to prohibit access to municipal parks or even to the beaches for canids because of these droppings that aren’t collected!

Although it may seem sometimes tedious, that’s why we must pick up the droppings of our dogs, take care to leave the places where they go clean, so that they can continue to follow us in our adventures.