Walks despite the rain

At the approach of May, some days are still gloomy, the rain is still there and you end up with a dog soaked, who often feels bad, puts water everywhere and may be cold. Fortunately, some tricks allow you to walk in spite of the bad weather and to take advantage of it. 

For starters, not all dogs are equal and do not have the same needs. If you have a long-haired canine and are in perfect health, it will withstand the rain much better than a dog with short hair. In this second case, you can always invest in a waterproof coat to protect it and, if it supports them, boots to leave his paws dry.

Whether your pet needs a coat or not, he must remain active during the walk, just to warm up and avoid getting really cold. Encourage him to move, do not stay still, you’ll both be cold.


Once back from his walk, dry your dog with a towel. Take the time to rub it from head to foot, through the legs and belly. It will absorb some of the water contained in his hair, heat it up and prevent it from dirtying your house too much. It’s also not recommended to use a hairdryer; you could burn his skin! More generally, if you want to avoid the traces of pads everywhere in your living room, leave a towel in the entrance, to wipe your dog’s legs when you come back from the outside, it can always be used.

If you take the car to go for a walk, consider leaving an absorbent towel, so that your cockpit is completely dirty and soaked! There are all sizes, you’ll necessarily find one adapted to your doggie.

The smells

The wet dog, it stinks, let’s say it clearly! And even drying it with a towel makes it difficult to get the smell. If it doesn’t bother you, you can leave it as it’s coming back from the ride, but if, on the contrary it’s inconvenient, you can actually wash it with a shampoo to get rid of this bad smell, or use a dry shampoo and without rinsing, specially designed for our four-legged companions. When you have to face a rainy week, it’s still easier than having to wash it every day. Be careful not to abuse and be sure that it will not irritate the skin of your pet.

These simple little things will help to reduce the damage of rain in your home and make sure your dog doesn’t catch cold and can enjoy his ride!