Veterinary formalities

Dr. Jérôme Delhaye,  veterinarian at La clinique du Confluent, based in Montereau-Fault-Yonne, Seine-et-Marne summarizes the various steps you have to check with your vet, before going on a journey. If you want to bring your pet, some formalities are expected.

What you must remember

  • It is the veterinarian who delivers the dog’s passport.
  • The rabies vaccine is mandatory for travel and anti-rabies titration is required to back in France if you have traveled to a country outside the European Union.
  • Each country has its own rules and requirements for vaccines / treatments to be given to animals before entering the country.
  • Take all the information in advance, when you’re planning a trip, some steps may take time.

Before you book your flight tickets for a trip, don’t hesitate to take your dog to his vet. He will be able to carry out the vaccinations and other necessary treatments to enter in any country and he’ll help you to spend pleasant holidays.