Veganism for dog


There are several dozen brands of dog food around the world, which are supposed to be adapted to your pet’s needs, depending on its size, age and possible health problems. Whether with or without cereals, these dog foods are made with meat, to a greater or lesser dose. However, for some years now, more and more dog’s owners are approaching veganism.

Can dogs be vegan?

First, what is veganism? It is a practice to exclude animal products from their diet. It includes meat, fish, but also eggs, milk, honey, … Everything coming from animals.

Can dogs do without meat and can they adopt such a diet? Opinions differ on the question.

According to the scientists, dog scan be classified – just like cats – in the category of carnivores. His anterior molars are sharp and the hind ones are crushed, which allows him to eat other animals. It also has a relatively short digestive tract, another characteristic of carnivores. And precisely, carnivores feed mainly on raw flesh and derive their energy from animal proteins and lipids.

So why is it said that dog is omnivorous despite these characteristics? Because of domestication. In contact with humans, the canine digestive system would have adapted to a much more varied diet. Your hairballs are now able to digest raw meat but also vegetables.


Why opt for veganism?

Transition from a meat-based diet to an exclusively vegan diet is finally more the result of the beliefs of dog’s owners than a real need. Some people don’t support giving other animals to eat to theirs and see many benefits. According to testimony, dogs would have a silkier coat, would be healthier and live longer. It would also make eating more natural without going through the dog food, whose composition is not always obvious to understand.

Every dog concerned?

If you want to change the diet of your pet, ask your vet for advices beforehand to avoid any health problems.

In any case, it may be better to perform this change smoothly and in some cases, avoid depriving your hairball from animal proteins. Puppies need a minimum of meat to grow, for example. It is also not recommended for working dogs and large dogs.

As you can understand, dog veganism is largely a matter of owner’s beliefs and certain health issues. It is only necessary to make sure that this diet is accepted by your pet.