Traveling in a van with your dog

Since summer 2017, a Renault Traffic named Ernest has entered our lives! Simple utility, it has become a means of transport, but also our home as soon as we are traveling: our van. After several trips in, we can talk about travel in a van knowingly. 

When Ernest was bought, he only had a wooden floor on the floor. The ripe and the ceiling were totally bare. It had to be completely insulated and put other planks of wood everywhere, to bring more heat to the interior and a cozy appearance. We had a convertible sofa with planks and caravan cushions. A bucket, plastic bags and a non-wood seat act as toilets. For the rest, it’s camping. Each trip, we ship two cans of water, chairs and a foldable table, basins to do the dishes and the minimum to eat. Hony and Dena have room on the ground where their basket is placed.

Over time, the layout has been improved and completely redone in 2019, to be more practical!

We added storage for surfboards and skis on the walls and closets under the bed, to have the least amount of objects lying around.

Advantages and disadvantages

The first advantage, and not least, is that you can go anywhere, anytime. Traveling by van eliminates the need for accommodation. Just find a place to park that will not bother anyone. No need to check that dogs are well accepted, their house is the truck! Honny and Dena have quickly adopted this mode of transport and are always excited when the time to leave arrives. If we can not take them with us – during the surf sessions for example – they stay quietly in the van, out of sight. This mode of travel also allows great flexibility: if a place does not please us, just change! It’s total freedom. The price of the trip is also reduced, traveling by truck is an economical solution, provided you know a little tinkering.

Side disadvantages, lack of comfort can curb some. If there are outdoor shower systems, it’s not always easy to find something to wash in the winter. Obviously, we must accept a certain promiscuity and great simplicity in the meals. Not all car parks are accessible either; if they have barriers too low, as is sometimes the case near beaches, it will walk! And be careful where you park, under penalty of a fine.

In a word like a hundred, traveling in a van brings a lot of freedom! There are also vehicles already equipped for those who do not want to spend time in repairs and development Finally, which says freedom for you, says freedom for your dog. Throughout Europe and even beyond borders, you can go where you want and keep your four-legged friend near you.