Travelers to follow

They crisscross the world with their dog, share their experiences and their good plans as soon as they are on the road! We have made our selection of travel blogs that could give you inspiration when you’re hesitating to leave.

The Tropical Dog

Maria and Shark have been inseparable since 2013 when the white-legged black dog crossed her road while working in Rodrigues, in the Indian Ocean. Since then, they travel together to the four corners of the world: in Greece, in Colombia in Peru, in Bolivia, in Chile, in the United States, etc …

And it’s precisely to talk about the journey with the dog that Maria created the blog The Tropical Dog! She shares her experience with Shark and also gives advice to those who want to leave too, all in joy and good humor. Find her blog here, and the interview she gave to Voyage avec ton chien there.

Dog Trotter

Cécile and Nova form a detonating duo! Born in 2014, the Australian Shepherd female follows her mistress wherever she goes. In two, they went to several French cities, in Spain, but also in Austria and Slovenia. In addition to the story of her travels, Cecile gives her advice to other travelers, to leave with their dog in all serenity.

Her dog trotter blog is right here and the interview she did for Voyage avec ton chien is here.

Little Gypsy

Well known by the travel community, Little Gypsy’s Morgane shares her adventures on video and on her blog with a contagious good humor and humor! If she has already traveled a large part of the globe, she also took her dog Ayko with her to Switzerland, taking the TGV in 2017. She explains everything here.


Caroline is a Swiss adventurer who brings her little dog Cosmos, born in 2016, in all her adventures! Between them, they have an overflowing energy that has already allowed them to visit France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

So to share all these adventures, but also to help travelers still undecided and allow others to share their stories that Caroline has created his blog. You will find it here and can also read his interview to Voyage avec ton chien there.

Florent Chabrier

An adventurer from the beginning, Florent shares his crazy adventures on his Facebook page. Last year, he made an incredible bet: cross the Danube by canoe with his dog Decko! This is an incredible story he shares with us, on the site of Voyage avec ton chien, to find here.

Nomad Dog

Finally, if you like beautiful pictures and you want to dream, there is the account Nomad Dog Sara Ortin. With her three balls of hair, she makes 400 shots and what she posts is breathtaking! What to give the wander!



There are of course other travelers who share their adventures with their animals, here is only a small selection of our own. Which travelers do you follow?