To cure dog’s injuries naturally

The small injuries and pains of the daily life, the harmless health problems or even the parasites can be fought naturally; which is handy when you go on a trip and you do not necessarily have the right medicines on hand, or you simply head for a simpler way of life that is close to nature. Be careful however, we aren’t at VATC health professionals, ensure that your dog receives all the necessary care and is not intolerant to any of the solutions we offer here. 

Fleas. It’s possible to get rid of it with white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Acetic acid, which gives the sour taste, contained in it as well as its smell repel fleas. Vinegar can also be used as a dewormer, mixed in the shampoo of the dog, prevention of the arrival of fleas, but also ticks.

To remove fleas, wash your pet with warm water and vinegar, taking care to avoid eyes and snouts, rinse and remove remaining fleas with a specially designed comb. This method is effective for light infestations and provided that you clean your interior as well. However, a flea invasion isn’t to be taken lightly, don’t hesitate to consult your veterinarian to make sure they are all gone. If the canine has a lot of parasites, go directly to a health professional.

In addition to vinegar, citrus fruits, brewer’s yeast, lavender, rosemary, cedar and thyme essential oil, cedar chips and wormwood are powerful repellents.

Antiseptic for superficial wounds. When your companion has a slight scratch that is not serious and that it supports the essential oils, you can concoct a homemade antiseptic, to properly disinfect his wound. This recipe that we offer comes directly on Planet Animal website.

To make your natural antiseptic, you need 100 ml of rosehip oil, which nourishes the skin and serves as a base, 20 drops of tea tree essential oil, an excellent dewormer, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial , and finally 20 drops of lavender essential oil, a good antibacterial as well. This mixture is then ideally put in a glass jar with a spray bottle. These products can be purchased in organic store or on Aroma zone, for example.

Inflammation. It can be caused by a pathology or even because of an injury. It can be eradicated or, at least, attenuated with Arnica Montana 9CH. This remedy can be administered as a cream or orally. Turmeric, added directly to the diet, is a good remedy too, especially if it is organic. Add 15 to 20 mg of this spice per kilo of dog. Valerian helps to relieve inflammations caused by muscle disorders, while oily fish or fish oils contain omega 3, which is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and can even be given for prevention.

Finally, the simplest solution is to put heat on an inflammation. It will cause blood vasodilatation that lowers pain and inflammation. So you just need to apply a hot water bottle or heat pocket to the area.

Bad breath. The quality of the dog’s diet can play on his breath. Otherwise, parsley is an excellent ally; in addition you only need a few pieces to cut and mix to its food portion. If your pet doesn’t like its taste, you can also infuse it and spray it directly into its mouth.

Apple vinegar is also known to neutralize odors, a small amount in kibbles or the bowl of water is enough.

Carrots can help you too. Given as a reward or treat, it helps prevent tartar build-up on the teeth, which can also lead to bad breath.

Finally, you can always brush your dog’s teeth directly, with your finger or a toothbrush adapted to the size of your teeth. To stay in the natural, you can even make the toothpaste yourself by mixing half a tablespoon of baking soda to a tablespoon of water.

The constipation. Whether it’s due to an unbalanced diet, stress, lack of exercise, diabetes, ingestion of a foreign body or different diseases, there are natural remedies to cure constipation. First, green vegetables, but also carrots, squash or beets are rich in fiber, which helps regulate transit.

Oat bran and olive oil, ingested in reasonable quantities can also help your dog. Finally, a good hydration and the practice of a more intense physical activity can be useful.

However, if after three days of constipation and these dietary changes you find no improvement, consult your veterinarian before it becomes problematic and serious for your dog’s health.

These few examples of natural remedies can help you heal the injuries of your dog without using medicine, gently. Feel free to give us your recipes too!