Things to check after a walk

When you go out for a walk or hike with your dog, at the beach, in the mountains or even in the forest, he can gets injured, his pads get damaged or ticks get lodged in his hair. To avoid any inconvenience, Dr. Jérôme Delhaye, a veterinarian at the Montereau-Fault-Yonne Confluence Clinic, tells you which parts of the body to check after a walk.

What you must remember

  • When you go bacl from a walk, look at your dog’s skin to see if there are any wounds.
  • Pass a comb in his hair. It allows you to remove the leaves that have been taken but also the ticks that could have lodged there before they settle.
  • Check his eyes, mouth and ears to see if everything is in good shape, if the eyes aren’t crying, if he hasn’t cut off his ears or has anything stuck between his teeth or in the palace.
  • After a walk by the sea, rinse your dog. Sand and water can be irritating.
  • You can take a look at his pads too, but usually if he gets hurt, he’ll bleed and let you know.


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By checking these points, you can quickly treat your dog if he was injured, while avoiding more serious problems, following an infection for example.