The zero waste for dog

Reducing its impact on the environment, consuming smarter and reducing waste, it’s quite possible, for us as well as for our animals, and even traveling! Thanks to some tips to put in place, it is possible to make a difference, up to its means. 

Going on a trip while paying attention to your ecological footprint is possible and quite simply. It’s already about respecting the places where you go. If you practice wild camping for example, just leave nothing behind you and pick up your garbage before leaving. It is also valid when you walk in nature or in town. You can also, for example, favor public transport or move on vehicles that do not pollute – like cycling or rollerblading! Everyone can do something at their own scale and according to their possibilities. For your dog, it’s the same.


If you are a fan of the homemade, you can give fresh meat to your dog, mixed with vegetables. If you get along well with your butcher, you may even be able to grab some pieces that he will not sell. The little extra: go with your reusable box to avoid the plastic bag! Obviously, depending on where you go and your dog’s eating habits, it can be difficult to give this type of meal. The best, if you want to try it, is to do it several weeks or even months before you leave, to make sure your animal supports it and check that you can easily feed it the same way on one time on the spot.

You prefer to stay with the croquettes, but still want to try new things at the food level for your fellow traveler? Why not homemade treats? You can make cakes that keep well and that you can take everywhere. Here is an idea of recipe taken on the site

Of course, make sure your dog digests all foods well beforehand and does not have any allergies.


Naturopathy can help you relieve your dog or fix some of his problems. Don’t hesitate to consult your veterinarian before going into the science of plants, to treat it properly. If, moreover, it doesn’t suffer from any specific skin disease and that it tolerates it well, the soap of Marseille can be very good to wash it, rather than to use special gels, content various products of which you do not know the effects. The soap will last a long time and takes up hardly any space in the luggage.

Side needs, you can replace the traditional dung bags with biodegradable bags, or opt for a shovel that will allow you to pick them up and place them in a trash can directly. The shovel must then be washed and can be reused indefinitely. Depending on where you go and which method is right for you, you can make your choice.

Toys and accessories

Your dog probably has a lot of toys with which he doesn’t necessarily play. When you go on a trip, the question always arises: what toy to take him? It isn’t necessary to take 150 and if you haven’t thought about it, you can very well make him a knot with a t-shirt that you do not put any more, or a projectile to throw him with an old pair of socks … With all the textiles you don’t really need anymore! A holey sweater or pillowcase that has had its day can also serve as a basket for your dog. On the one hand they have your smell, which will reassure him and on the other hand, they take up little space. So that’s a good way to give a second life to your clothes!

The zero waste can therefore apply to your doggie and be transposed to the trip. Of course, you don’t have to apply all these tips to the letter, but they can give you some tips if you want to reduce your environmental impact. There are many websites and blogs on this subject that give you all kinds of tips to implement in everyday life!