The wet diet for the dog

Moist foods, unlike dry foods, are mostly composed of water. In the case of dog food, it’s therefore the mash, richer in water than croquettes. But then, is it better to give kibble or pie to your dog? To find out, we were able to test Atavik‘s wet range.

First of all, the two types of feeds each have advantages and disadvantages. Croquettes are more practical, especially when you go on a trip, they also keep longer.

However, the mash contains more water and helps the dog stay hydrated, especially if he has kidney problems or just a tendency to not drink. It’s also more palatable than kibble; dogs are often more attracted, even the most difficult rarely resist!

Finally, on the market, a good quality swill contains less carbohydrates (cereals) than croquettes. Some, such as Atavik, contain no grain, regardless of the product offered elsewhere.

Atavik’s humid range

The brand has sent us different test recipe for Honny, in addition to kibbles, food supplements and other treats. We received the Epic Plate Sliced Turkey and Salmon, the Lamb – Italian Ham swill, the Chicken – Chevreuil and the Turkey – Boar, which are the different compositions.

As you can see, they contain at least 75% moisture and 10% protein.

Not surprisingly, Honny loved all the pies he could test! To the point of throwing himself on his bowl and cleaning with a care that doesn’t look like him. The only negative thing we noticed was that he didn’t seem really satisfied with the ration indicated on the boxes of swill. The days he ate it, he even began to claim food, something he had never done before. Maybe it was just because he loved the mash so much he wanted more! Hard to say … But one thing is for sure, Atavik pies have been a huge hit with Honny. As soon as he sees a box, he goes crazy.

So should you drop the kibble and give only the swill to your dog? Yes and no. In fact, it’s up to you to see. They both have advantages for the canine and you can very well vary the pleasures. The most important thing is to provide a feeding method that suits your pet, its deficiencies and needs. To help you make the best choice, do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian for advice.