The toy on a journey

When planning your dog’s business for the holidays, do you plan to bring a toy? Does he only have one he prefers? If they can seem innocuous, the toys have a real interest for the dog, whatever his age, even more if you go on a trip. 

Each period of life, needs its toy. Puppies lose their baby teeth and need to chew, which can be done with rubber toys, rather than on your furniture or shoes! Toys also have educational virtues since the puppy learns to tell the difference between what he can chew or not. Finally, the toy can serve as a blanket to the young dog and comfort him, especially after he left his mother and brothers.

Once adult, the toy can be beneficial for the health of your animal, if it helps fight against tartar for example. It’s also a good way to let off steam and gives the dog the opportunity to exercise his role of predator, shaking him very hard while he holds him in his mouth especially – as does Honny with his own . And when you’re away, at work or elsewhere, his toy helps him fight against boredom. In addition, playing with your four-legged friend helps to strengthen bonds and complicity between you.

As you can understrand, at all ages and in all circumstances of his life, the dog needs to have his own toys, on which he leaves his smell and that he’ll agree to share with you only the opportunity of a game session.

On a roadtrip

For all these reasons, a departure trip can’t be done without your dog’s favorite toy! It’s not a question of taking them all in your luggage, especially if your doggie is very spoiled, but one or two will be useful to him. Already because they will be for him an additional marker, in addition to you, in these new places he will survey. If you have to leave him alone in your hotel room, for example, his toy will help him feel safe during your absence. Then, a familiar object can reassure him, but also distract him and allow him to let off steam a little, especially during the trips.

So how to choose the one you pack?

You need something that is not too bulky, resistant and, of course, a toy that your dog uses and plebiscite! This toy will depend on its age, the function it occupies and of course the tastes of your dog that are unique to him.

For example, when we go on a trip with Honny, we carry a knot. He loves to chew it, shake it in all directions and bring it to us to shoot. In addition, it’s a solid toy, which is not likely to break in our business, not bulky and not likely to break down, like some soft toys full of foam that do not have the same luck!

When you forget the toy, what can you do?

Don’t panic. If you can turn around and go back, it’s better. But it’s not about the blanket or pacifier of a child, without which he can not fall asleep.

If you ever realize this forgetfulness too late, do not blame yourself! You’ll be able to go into the nearest pet store or supermarket from where you will be to try to find a toy similar to the one that has stayed at home. Otherwise, and because there is no kind of trade everywhere, find an object that will have the same function as the missing toy: a tennis ball, a piece of cloth, a piece of wood … You have the embarrassment of choice, provided that your animal likes what you propose!

To go serenely on a trip with your dog, do not forget to slip his toy(s) into your luggage! They’ll help him to let off steam, to relax, but also to remain calm in front of the journey, the new place where you will arrive and all the adventures which await it!