The interest of the bone for the dog

No dog can resist a beautiful bone. But are there any risks when given this type of treat? What are the advantages ? This is what we will see. 

If you decide to give your dog a bone, you have to choose it. Prefer a raw, cooked bones are dangerous for the health of the canine. They are more brittle, can be accidentally ingested in too big pieces and create lesions in the digestive system. Cooked, they lose in addition all their nutritional interest since cooking destroys nutrients. Also beware of the size of the bone; too small it could be swallowed in one piece by the dog and cause intestinal obstruction or choking.

Finally, it’s better to avoid bones of chickens, rabbits and sheep that are fragile. Chew bones, made from beef skin, are still the best alternative to give pleasure to a four-legged companion as they are safe for the intestines. Saw bone marrow can also do the trick.

The risks

Chewing a bone isn’t without risk for the animal, especially if it’s brittle. Your dog could break a tooth, block a piece of bone in the esophagus, trachea or intestines or even suffer bleeding. In the most severe cases, an operation is necessary to remove the bone and the consequences can be fatal for your doggie.

That’s why it’s necessary to take certain precautions when giving your dog a bone to eat. Make sure that he’s calm and that nothing or anyone comes to disturb him, avoid taking his bone when he is nibbling, prefer to remove it when he left and especially, be everything the present time is attentive when he eats his bone, to prevent him from choking and reacting quickly if he were to find himself in difficulty. When you find that he has swallowed too much, don’t hesitate to consult a veterinarian as soon as possible to avoid complications.

Should we give a bone to our dog?

Despite these risks, the bone has interesting virtues for the dog. In addition to its good taste, it’s a good source of occupation for the animal, who can spend hours enjoying it and thus not feel bored, but it is also beneficial for his health. It protects its oral health and provides minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. Given from time to time and under surveillance, it is very good for your four-legged companion.

At VATC, Honny and Dena are entitled to one bone each, once or twice a year. Often, we will find them in a pet shop, so that they are adapted and that no dogs are likely to hurt themselves. After, everyone has his, they eat it away from each other and we make sure that it does not cause a fight.

The bone can be a great treat for the dog, as long as you choose it and be careful when eating it.