The importance of weaning for the puppy

The weaning period in the puppy is very important and can determine many things in his future life, especially in terms of behavior. It must therefore be ensured that it’s best, smoothly and timely. 

During weaning, the puppy passes from breast milk to a solid diet. This important step allows him to ensure a certain food balance, but also mental; in short, it takes its independence. The mother helps her child to communicate, to socialize also and limits his stress by reassuring him in the face of this discovery. She also encourages her to be curious. Generally, the puppy begins to take an interest in solid feeding between 3 and 5 weeks. It must go smoothly and very gradually: it’s a process that can take 3 or 4 weeks, during which it will alternate breast milk and pâté or croquettes adapted to his age and needs. It is thus between 6 and 9 weeks that a young dog finishes weaning. This is why it’s strongly recommended to adopt a dog before two or even three months, to give him time to get rid of breast milk.

What happens in case of bad weaning?

A poorly weaned dog can develop behavioral problems, such as phobias, be destructive or bark unintentionally. The mother also helps her offspring control her bite. From the onset of his teeth, the puppy will tend to nibble everything he finds and can thus hurt his peers. When the game goes too far, the mother is there to intervene and reframe the one who went too far, thus teaching him the rules. A sudden weaning, or done too soon is a source of suffering for the animal, which must then try to appease with the help of a canine behaviorist, without being sure to achieve it completely. It’s therefore necessary to avoid as much as possible to your fellow-traveler this kind of disappointment.

Nevertheless, it can happen: sometimes the mother abandons her young or finds herself unable to take care of her during the first weeks of their lives. In this case, the human can try to take over and do the best for the newborn. We must therefore try to reproduce the weaning mode that a puppy would naturally adopt with his mother, by giving him formula while alternating with more solid food, such as puppy kibble mixed with this same formula, for the first time. help make the transition smooth.

You’ll understand, the ideal is to let nature do things, as long as the mother takes care of her child, we must let her help to discover the solid food, but also acquire good reflexes and master the rules that will allow it to be socialized properly. This is why you shouldn’t agree to adopt a dog before his two or three months, even if you find your future travel partner and you want to start right away this new adventure with him. Remember that in addition to causing behavioral problems, a bad weaning is a great source of suffering for your hairball, which certainly doesn’t deserve that.

If you have doubts, or if your dog presents some of the behavioral problems mentioned above, don’t hesitate to contact a dog behaviorist.