The Dog Trotter Family in Canada!

Here’s Megan’s story and adventures with her Dog Trotter Family.

My name is Megan, I’m 23 years old and I’m a receptionist / security guard in a shopping center. For 7 years I share my life with the man of my dreams, Sven, 23 years old carpenter. I’m a big girl, a globe-trotter, a life lover.
My desire to have dogs…Well initially I didn’t want it. Since any girl, I dreamed of big rides with big talking wolf (like Lyra in the books “At the crossroads of the worlds” but we exchange the bear).
Only here, my parents were handlers and I grew up around 6 German mastiffs…So not at all what I dreamed. At the death of their last dogs, however, I felt a huge void in me and I knew how I know my name that I was ready to change my life, to make it complete with a dog.
The dream of this great wolf is naturally returned and after months of research and analysis of race, it’s to the Husky that we turned. For fear of not knowing how to manage and because we already had big plans for our future dog, we headed for a breeding to welcome Moon…She was my evidence and is since its first day the part of my soul that I missed.
June is a survivor of a rescue, a blow of heart of my mother, she is besides her dog and will not accompany us during our big trip.

Did you ever go on a trip with Moon?

So we have, yes and no, already had the opportunity to go on a trip with Moon…Yes because we went to the North Sea for 3 days, we went on a 3-day trip to Valenciennes again and we have also made 1 week of hiking in the Vosges…

How the idea to go to Canada came to you?

The idea of Canada is first and foremost an idea of discovery…From my 19 to my 20 years I left alone in the United States as an au pair and this was the best year of my life. I have seen, read, learned and discovered so many things! About the world but especially about me! I came back changed and marked forever…And when I came back I had only one desire: TRAVEL.

But life came and with it the doubts, the responsibilities, the purchase of cars, the discussions of baby…The more days passed, the more the prospect of a new beginning seemed far…Until finally life returns a monstrous slap and redirects us to our dreams.

Why Canada?

For Moon, it’s one of the most accessible countries, because Moon is a dog “from the far North” at the base, because after the USA I wanted to return to this mentality and why not after all!

How long do you stay there?

Only the future will tell us. The only thing that we are certain is that we leave in August, we’ll live a month with a muse to discover the maximum this profession and this passion and we want to renovate a van to go 3 months in road trip to make the US tour. After, when? How? With whom ? And in what order…You will have to follow us to discover it!

Why did you decide to bring Moon?

Simply because it’s the essence of this trip. It’s her who pushes us to surpass ourselves, to explore, to live new experiences…Simply because our life without her doesn’t have the same taste, the same color, the same happiness.

And because for NOTHING in the world I would leave Moon behind me, it would be like leaving part of my soul. And because we know that we will experience this journey in a different way, we will see things from another angle through it. This is already the case here!

How are the preparations going?

The preparations are for the moment administrative. We have a lot of papers to fill, laws to know, site to read, list to do, etc…Hardware level we will wait the last months to put everything in place.

What fears do you have?

The first one: the plane [editor’s note : find here airlines that accept dogs]. I would say that it’s our biggest fear, having to entrust Moon to strangers and having to let her live this new experience without us to reassure her. But we take the lead, we strengthen every day his confidence in us, we have accustomed her to the transport cage, we analyze each situation that forums can give us and we will arrange her cage in function (like placing a bottle of hamster water so that it’s not dehydrated, separate the cage in half by a piece of wood if it must do its needs, put blankets that belong to us to reassure …).

We are also afraid of obviously crashing, making all these preparations and sacrifices and finally having to turn around after 3 weeks.

But one motivates oneself by saying that even if it lasts only three weeks, at least will be three weeks of dream and that one will come out grown up and having at least tried.

How much will it cost?

Total budget level is 10,000 euros, but we hope to have saved 15,000 for the day of departure. It takes 1.000 euros times 3 for airline tickets, 1.000 euros for paperwork (visas, passports, international license), 1.000 euros of equipment (cage, clothing, veterinary, hiking bag) and 5.000 euros for the purchase and renovation of a van.
And then there we will have to find a little job during the first months to finance the road trip.

Why did you decide to create a blog and a Facebook page?

The page serves first and foremost not to invade all my Facebook contacts who don’t necessarily like dogs more than that with all my photos and videos of Moon.

I wanted to keep a memory and a timeline of all our stories and Facebook seemed to me a nice way to share the adventure that has become my life since the arrival of my fluffy ball.

The blog has followed the same thinking: with this trip, I was going to start sharing photos and experiences that were not necessarily related to Moon but rather to us as a family. This is where the Dog Trotter Family appeared. The blog is not just focused on Moon or us, it’s a whole. In fact, I decided to embark on a new writing adventure.

What advices can you give to people who wants to travel with their dog?

Trust yourself! Trust them! If love and trust are there, anything is possible.