The benefits of apple cider vinegar on dogs

Just like honey or aloe vera, cider vinegar has many virtues for the human, but also for the dog. You’ll see here what it can serve, but we remind you that at Travel with your dog we are not veterinarians, so it is better to consult a canine health professional before administering in Medor. 

On the body

Apple cider vinegar is a good repellent against fleas and ticks, thanks to its acidity; but it’s also excellent for skin and hair in general. It has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and moisturizing properties. Thus, mixed in water, it helps reduce skin irritation, enhances the glow of the coat, treats odors, is good against eczema and has anti-dandruff properties.

To eradicate your dog’s skin problems, remember to dilute the cider vinegar in water, then apply it with a soaked compress on the whole body after bathing. To fight against dandruff, you can even add a teaspoon directly into its shampoo. If apple cider vinegar is a natural treatment, don’t take these worries lightly and consult a veterinarian who will help you treat them.

In the body

Apple cider vinegar promotes digestion thanks to the acetic acid it contains. The latter increases the production of good bacteria and makes it possible to renew the intestinal flora more quickly. It’s also a detoxifier, excellent for cleansing the liver and purifying the body; especially the urinary tract. To help the dog recover from a urinary tract infection, you can, for example, mix a teaspoon of vinegar in a bowl of water and give him a drink every day until he is fully recovered. If the smell is strong, diluted in water, the taste shouldn’t disturb your pet.

This remedy also helps relieve arthritis with its anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin C it contains. Other interesting points: giving cider vinegar to its canine – in the quantities – would slow down aging because it would stimulate the manufacture of antioxidant enzymes, while regulating glucose in the blood, making it a good complement food for overweight dogs.

Some precautions to take

Be careful, however, if vinegar seems to be a miracle ingredient, don’t exceed the recommended doses, otherwise you’ll damage the tooth enamel of your pet. Given on an empty stomach, it can also trigger vomiting and intestinal pain. Finally, always dilute it in water and never give it pure, and always after consulting a health professional. Apple cider vinegar comes to prevent aging and some diseases, but it should primarily be used as a supplement, a natural remedy that would help your furry companion to heal, in addition to the medications prescribed by the veterinarian.

So here are some good reasons to use apple cider vinegar sparingly to help your dog overcome the hassle of everyday life.

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