Take the ferry with your dog

You wish to visit the United Kingdom? Take a look in Corsica or Sardinia by taking the ferry? Good news: you can take your doggie with you!

There are several shipping companies that, from France, can allow you to embark with your four legs companion. Each of them sets their own rules and decides on the conditions under which they can board and the rates charged.

When you embark, you should – as every time you move with your fluffy-ball – have his papers with you. Don’t forget his passport and his health book!

Corsica Linea

If you choose to go through with the Corsica Linea, your dog will travel in a kennel, you cannot let him alone in your car. It costs around 26 euros for the crossing. Be careful, if your dog doesn’t tolerate being away from you, this option won’t suit him.

Corsica Ferries

Doggies are also welcome but shouldn’t be left alone. You can go everywhere with them except int the restaurant, provided they are muzzled and on a leash. On some of ferries of this company, there are even cabins fitted out specially for dogs, so that the crossing is going for the best. Prices for pets start from 16 euros.

Brittany Ferries

If you plan to go to a UK country, you can take Rover with you. He will travel in a kennel, in your car (remember to leave him enough to drink, eat and windows open) or go in a cabin provided especially for this purpose, according to the ferry you’ll take. You will have to pay between 24 and 55 euros, depending on where you come from and where you go.
Be careful, you cross a border and you have to comply with the requirements of the new country regarding the legislation. When you go to the United Kingdom, your dog have to be vaccinated against rabies for at least 21 days, chipped and treated against worms between 24 and 120 hours before your departure. OOf course, you should have all these evidences with you.

Irish Ferries

To connect Ireland from France, you can use this company, doggies are welcome. They will have to travel in a kennel and price depends on their size : 45 euros for the smaller up to 70 cm and 60 for the bigger up to 108cm. Formalities to entering Irish territory are the same as for the rest of the United Kingdom.

Once at sea

Being on water is obviously not natural for dogs and this expedition can be stressful or even make him sick.

To avoid vomiting as much as possible, do not feed your dog before departure and don’t hesitate to contact your vet for an anti-emetic and a sedative, as a precaution. On a other hand, if you are rather adept of natural solutions, you can turn to naturopthy

And about the stress, you can manage it by soothing your dog by your presence, by having a great walk before leaving or by administering a relaxant prescribed by your veterinarian.

Before taking the decision to go by ferry and take your pet with you, make sure that he will be able to withstand the stress of the crossing and do not forget to book his ticket to be part of travel!