Socialize your dog to enjoy your trips

Socializing your dog from an early age is a very important step in his development and has a great impact on his future. It can mean the difference between a shy, reserved and fearful canine and a sociable animal, pleasant and comfortable with humans.

If socialization is important everyday, it can be decisive in travel. The dog changes his environment, he has to deal with stress and meets many people he does not know. This situation, although uncomfortable, is easily manageable with a properly socialized animal, who knows how to adapt to what he encounters. If not, travelling, even by car, may be difficult, difficult, or even impossible.

When do you have to socialize your dog?

The first years of the dog’s life are obviously the most important, but it’s between three and eight weeks that the socialization of the puppy is best. He’s at a period of his development where his desire for exploration is great and his fear of the unknown still weak. It’s at this time that he can make new experiences, such as taking the car, getting familiar with all the objects present in your home and meet as many people as other animals, as soon as he’s vaccinated.

This first approach – like all the others – must be done smoothly and at the dog’s pace, so asn’t to make a new encounter a traumatic moment for him.

Get help

Educating your dog, making him a social and balanced animal can be an arduous task for which you may need the help of a dog behaviorist. The professional will help you, adapt to the needs of your doggie and make him progress!

Besides, an adult dog can also make big progress in this area. If you’ve missed out on the socialization of your traveling companion when he was still young, you can always help him today, identify what the stress and accompany him to overcome his fears, whether you’re assisted by a specialist or not. By taking your time and being patient, your dog will be able to accomplish things you do not suspect! We have experienced it ourselves.

Honny’s case

If the mascot of travel with your dog is of all adventures, it hasn’t always been the case. Honny wasn’t properly socialized in his youth or adolescence, and he quickly became stressed and anxious. So much so that it was impossible to take him out on the street! The slightest noise was stressing him and he was very often prostrate inside.

But spending a lot of time with him, reassuring him a lot, going step by step and appealing to a behaviorist, he gained a lot of confidence … even to take the train and go to airports! Dena’s presence (our other dog), also helped him to go to others. Once he had seen her, he felt more reassured and more inclined to follow her.

Honny’s story is not unique and proves that by socializing a dog, by accustoming him gently to a changing environment and putting him in contact with different people, he’s able to adapt very well and to go on a trip with you, in all serenity.