Protect your dog’s legs while traveling

When you’re traveling on the roads, going for a great hike or going for a walk, the best thing is to have the right shoes, to avoid blisters and other disappointments. And when your dog is with you, you must also protect your paws to him, before, during and after long trips. 

The first thing we think about is the boots. There are different shapes, sizes and can protect the dog’s pads, especially if you walk in the snow or on the sand. However, it’s necessary that the animal supports them and the first time that it’s confronted there it’s, certainly, funny to look at, but very uncomfortable for him. The alternative to ankle boots is the tanning solution, to apply before walking to prepare your pads and avoid burns or cuts.

Prepare well beforehand

First, you must know your dog and his limits. Some breeds are more athletic than others, at first, and then the size of its paws at an importance. You will obviously not make the same trip with a chihuahua as with a husky! It’s therefore necessary to provide a circuit adapted to his abilities and to move at his own pace, or to have with you a way to wear it if necessary.

Then, food supplements can be helpful. There are different brands that target the joints. A cure can help your dog be more resistant to a hike for example. However, it’s better to consult your veterinarian to find out what he’ll need the most. In the same way, some dogs are more susceptible than others to osteoarthritis. A canine health professional can help you determine if your dog is suffering from it and which treatment is best suited to prevent him from losing his mobility.

During and after the walk

This advice is as valid for you as for your dog: take breaks regularly! They will allow your four-legged friend to regain strength and rest a bit. It is also an opportunity to drink and eat a little treat, to resume some strength. If you notice that the planned journey is too long for your dog, don’t hesitate to shorten or split it. Aches can occur in animals and can be fatigued by a day of effort, even moderate. In this case, you can change your plans and stay to rest a little longer. The most important thing is to have a good time and adapted to everyone.

Once your trip is over, you can continue the long walks if they have been appreciated by Medor. He’ll probably be used to being outdoors and coming home may be a bit difficult for him. Better to take a long walk, which is also an opportunity for you to exercise. Finally, to relax the legs of your pet, you can also opt for a gentle massage, to relieve it.

Like your feet, the dog’s legs are essential for him to move. So it’s important to take care of it, especially when you decide to travel and walk a lot, whether before, during or after exercise.