What about us?

Hi, I’m Honny!

Sometimes, I’m called Flip Flop, but it is a dark story I didn’t really understand… I am an Australian Shepherd, I weight 20 – well, ok, 22 kilos and I am 1m40 tall, all paws in the air. I am five years old and a lot of hobbies. I love water, whatever summer and winter, hugs (mostly just after à lil’ swim), cheesy chicken kibbles, fruits and plastic balls. You know, those which make pouik-pouik! In my childhood, I grew up by the seaside and nowadays, I’m in a little town near Paris. But I really have to tell you that I would love to see mountains, big spaces and make me a lot of friends. Oh! By the way, I almost forget! I am really handsome. Without bragging, everybody is turning on my way. I don’t know if it is my blue merle coat, my swaying step, my blue eyes or just my natural charisma… Anyway, I don’t leave anyone indifferent!

Otherwise, my human says about me I’m endearing and a bit crazy… Just like him. If I tell you about all of that, it is because I’ll make a journey. Actually, not one but I’ll have a travel life. That’s really exciting! We never know when we will move because my buddies are a bit unpredictables. You know, those kind of people who decide everything overnight. But in fact, it demands a bit of preparation. We are used to do it know and that is why we want to help you. What I can propose you is to bring you in my luggages in this great adventure. You’ll can see how I prepare myself, how I move and over there, every experiences I’ll live.

I have to leave you, my human is certainly asking what I’m doin’… He can’t do without me!

Kisses on your nose.


Hey! Don’t forget me!

Hello everyone! I am Dena, aka the Rodent.

Yes ’cause it seems I look like a kind of hamster crossed with a dog. But it’s untrue! My mother was a Pyreneans Sheperd and my dad  a Jack Russel. I am eight years old, age of reason, and if I took a little weight in recent years, I corrected myself. Not more than two portions of food by day and running in the woods.

I grew up in the countryside, among cows and horses, and I had a perfect life before he came… It was necessary to share my human with him and to undergo his star’s caprices. Fortunately, he ended up coming out of adolescence ; now, we get along better. I let him play with me sometimes and I call him to order when he goes beyond the limits.

In my life, I’ve got five hobbies : run after bunnies, eat my marrow bone, longs walks, give licking to everybody and cozy stuffs. You’ll never see me lying on the floor! Really, I don’t have a big coat. I need at least a pillow and at best a bed. But my humans never want to share theirs… Well, I wait they leave to enjoy it!

Otherwise, I love everybody. I am highly friendly and I know some tricks like catch kiddles flying or give a paw. Of course, it is always in the hope of getting some food. I have a spirit of adventure and I’m really looking forward to leave for news trips!

I’ll give you some news asap 😉