Prepare your dog for vaccination

Whether it’s a primary vaccination, because you go on a trip or for a reminder, your dog must go through the vaccination box. Source of stress, but still necessary, you can do everything in your power to make it go well. 

Already, you must know what vaccines your dog needs, you will find them here. Not vaccinating your pet exposes it to potentially very serious and even deadly diseases. In addition, if you plan to take her on a trip with you, some vaccines are mandatory.

What cost?

The price of a vaccine varies according to its usefulness; it can cost you a few dozen euros or more than one hundred euros. This is why it’s important to be aware of the budget needed when adopting a dog. Here we have made an estimate of what it costs you to have a doggiee in your home.

Remember also reminders vaccines to be done once a year in the case of rabies for example. Remember to write it down and always have your animal’s health record available.

Reassure his dog

On D-Day, every dog is obviously different. Some do not have particular apprehensions to go to the veterinarian, either for a control visit or a vaccine; while others are terrorized.

If your companion is in the second case, you must try to reassure him as much as possible, to be present and very patient, both on the way, in the waiting room and during the consultation. Do not communicate your stress to your dog, who is already not very comfortable. Cajole him and congratulate him once the appointment is over.

Another important point: choose the right professional! You must feel confident and your pet must be as good as possible with the vet you have chosen. We give you here some tips to find the rare pearl.

Don’t go too far into the waiting room if your companion is stressed, keep away from other dogs if he does not feel comfortable and do not reprimand him if he comes to urinate at home. The veterinarian. It’s a reaction that can be linked to his fear and scolding him would only send a negative signal to your dog.

Going to the vet may still be a challenge for your four-legged friend, but he will know he can count on you and will probably be more comfortable with the health professional who will receive him.

In any case, do not neglect the vaccination of your dog, choose the best veterinarian near you and help your dog to manage his stress during the consultation.