Overview of airlines

dog plane

Each airline has its own rules and all don’t accept fluffy balls on board. Here is a list, not exhaustive and which will be completed, of airlines which accept or not dogs and their conditions.

Airlines accepting dogs

  • Aer Lingus: pets must travel in the hold and weigh up to 64 kilos, including their containers. It cost about 160 euros for transport. Beware, your dog will not be able to go to Los Angeles or San Francisco.
  • Air Canada: dogs less than ten kilos (included the carrier) are allowed in cabin. Allow between 50 and 118 Canadian dollars according to your destination. They are accepted in the hold up to 45 kilos and it will be necessary to spend between 120 and 318 Canadian dollars.
  • Air France: your pet can board if its weigh doesn’t exceed height kilos, carrier included, otherwise it will go in the hold. Dog with an upturned nose aren’t allowed on the plane. The rate varies between 60 and 200 euros in the hold and 30 and 125 euros on board.
  • Alitalia: your dog can travel on board, as long as he can get in a cage of 40x24x20 cm. Otherwise, he will have to be put in the hold. Depending on your destination, the journey cost from 20 to 260 euros.
  • British Airways: four legs animals are allowed in cabin up to six kilos, cage included. Beyond, they have to travel in the hold. Service is free for assistance dogs. For the others, the price is confirmed maximum two weeks before the departure.
  • Brussel Airlines: a single pet is accepted in cabin per flight, so be sure to check availability when you are booking. Your dog shall be less than height kilos, including bag. This service cost between 50 and 70 euros.
  • Delta: your fluffy ball can get on board if he weighs less than height kilos. The transport will cost form 50 to 70 euros.
  • Emirates: pets are not allowed in the cabin, except guide dogs and hawks for some destinations! Four paws pets are allowed in the hold and are registered as additional luggage. The rate will depend on their weight.
  • Iberia: in cabin, your pet must weigh up to height kilos and price you’ll have to pay depend on your destination: from 25 to 300 euros.
  • KLM: as with many other airlines, dogs weighing less than eight kilos (cage included) are allowed in cabin. To travel in the hold, the pet mustn’t exceed 74 kilos. The price depends on your destination.
  • Lufthansa: your pet must weigh less than eight kilos to be admitted in cabin. Otherwise, he will go into the hold. allow 50 to 70 euros for a cabin trip and up to 300 euros in the hold.
  • Qatar Airways: only guide dogs are allowed in cabin. Other airballs must travel in the hold. Be careful though, all breeds of dogs and cats are not accepted. It depends on their sensitivity to heat.
  • Royal Air Maroc: over five kilos, your dogs will have to go in the hold. Unless it is a service dog. In any case, it must not exceed 72 kilos and it should spend maximum 250 euros for his ticket.
  • Swiss Air: up to height kilos, pets are welcome in cabin. Larger ones must go in the hold. The rate of their ticket will depend on their size and the place where you go.
  • TAP Portugal: whether your dog is traveling in the hold or in cabin, you must notify the airline at least 24 hours before the departure and sign a declaration of living animal that will be given to you at the payment time.
  • Transavia: in cabin, pets are accepted up to ten kilos. Four pets can travel in cabin per flight. Count 40 euros for a one way. Over this weight and up to 75 kilos, your dog must go in the hold. You will have to pay 60 euros. Only two animals are allowed in the hold on the same flight.
  • Turkish Airlines: your fluffy ball is allowed in cabin up to eight kilos. Heavier pets will therefore go into the hold. Small peculiarity: two dogs of the same breed, accustomed to each other can travel in the same bag, in cabin, if their weight doesn’t exceed the maximum allowed.
  • Vueling: they are allowed in cabin only (for dogs up to eight kilos with the container therefore) and for a maximum of two dogs per flight. It costs 25 euros for a short flight and 40 euros for an international flight.

Airlines that don’t accept dogs

  • Easy Jet: unless assistance dogs.
  • RyanAir: unless assistance dogs, on certain destination.

If you are traveling by plane, try to limit the number of stopovers as much as possible. If there are, make sure your dog can board with you. Remember to call your airline 72 hours before the flight to confirm the presence of your dog. And whatever your pet travels in cabin or in the hold, he must be able to stand upright and lying in his container. This one must be resistant, ventilated and secured. You should also provide a water bowl.