Organize your holidays with On Board Voyages!

You have travel desires? You want your pet to be part of the adventure but you don’t know how to do it? Let the On Board Voyages team organize your vacation for you!

Whether you are leaving for a few days or a longer period, you may have some difficulty finding the ideal accommodation or the most suitable means of transport for your needs. This is where On Board Voyages comes in and does all the research for you!

How does it work?

All you have to do is go to and fill out a form on their website. They offer you three different, depending on the type of trip you have to do:

  • The weekend formula for 40 euros: they seek for you the main transport that will take you to your resort and accommodation on site.
  • The formula stay for 65 euros: you can decide to go up to 14 days on a single destination, in this case the On Board team will find you the transport to get there and accommodation.
  • The itinerant formula for 90 euros: if you want to visit different places in a country, this formula is for you! On Board Voyages takes care of you to find the transport, the accommodation as well as the rental car to allow you to mop at your leisure.

Once the form filled in, with your coordinates, the number of participants, your budget, etc … You get an answer within 48 hours and a proposal of stay is made to you. All you have to do is reserve it. If you travel with a dog, its presence will be, naturally, taken into account, and all the benefits that will be proposed to you will include it.

The website history

It’s above all a story of travel. Patricia Lebrun, who’s at the origin, has traveled a lot, in France as abroad. She has decided to help those who need to organize their holidays: “We are not a travel agency and our job is to look for our customers the stay they want and, as soon as their choice is made they buy live, following the links we give them“, she explains.

On Board Voyages exists since July 2017 and already has followers, like Francoise, from Seine Maritime: “Thank you for choosing the hotel on the lagoon during the carnival of Venice, it was next to everything and quiet . We’ll be sure to use your services again for a future trip. ” Valérie, resident of Seine et Marne is also very satisfied with her stay: “your choice of bed and breakfast that welcomes our dog has been very useful. It’s not always easy with an animal“.

As you can understand, if the organization of holidays isn’t your passion or that you have special needs, entrust this mission to On Board Voyages! They’ll find for you the ideal hotel to stay with your dog and even the means to move the most suitable. And if you have a small budget, we have good news! Just tell them that you have just traveled with your dog to receive 10% discount on their rates!