Stress is part of life and dogs are also not spared by this phenomenon. It can be fought with drugs, but also with more natural products, even anticipated. Here are some alternative methods if you do not want to give a drug solution to your hairball.

Signs of stress

Traveling, driving and changing the environment can put your dog in an uncomfortable position. Some of his reactions are good indicators of stress, such as shaking, tail between the legs, moaning, wailing… If he tries to escape or pees inside when he never does. All these behaviors can put you on track, especially if you plan to leave soon, with or without him. To well handle a trip, your departure or any change that could take your dog into stress, several solutions, besides medications, are available to you.

Bach flowers

They are elixirs made from flower essences by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. They mainly cure illnesses related to stress and anxiety for human but also for animals. They can also relieve some mild pain. Several mixes exist, depending on your needs. For a fearful and distrustful pooch, Scotch pine can help, while if he is fearful and anxious, helicanthem can do the job, while the chestnut will help fight stress. Bach flowers can be taken in different ways: you can pour a few drops directly into the mouth of your dog, put in his water or his tin of food. You can buy them in pharmacies, in some organic food stores, on the internet, of course… But the best before starting is to consult a veterinary homeopath.

Aromatherapy and phytotherapy

Here is about the use of plant essential oils for medicinal purposes, a practice quite similar to phytotherapy, which is the practice of using the whole plant. Before embarking on any of these methods, it is better to seek a aromatherapist veterinarian’s advice. If you decide to get started, try the product you will use 48 hours before it is administered in a small area to prevent your pet from developing allergies. Finally, it is not recommended to use these treatments on puppies less than three months old, apply them in the eyes, ears or mucous membranes, inject intravenously or apply on the coat.

Phytotherapy, just as aromatherapy, doesn’t attack the immune system and strengthens it even gently. Be careful, the plants used on humans are not same as those suitable for dogs. Moreover, it is better to use this kind of treatment in a preventive way since the effects can take several weeks to be felt. You can find remedies in pharmacy but do not forget to consult a vet before you start.

For even more natural

Dog’s anxiety can also be manaaged, when light, with toys. They help to reduce destructive behaviors and channel the overflowing energy of your fluffyball. Regular walks can also help improve well-being. They are strongly advised before taking the road.

Depending on his level of stress, his age and his needs, there are various natural treatments that can help your dog. The whole thing is to find the one that will be the most suitable. For this, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian.