Most dog friendly french cities

Last year, the 30 Million Friends Foundation made its ranking of cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants the most welcoming for our four-legged friends. What makes a commune really dog friendly? This is what we will see. 

To conduct its study on dog friendly cities, 30 million friends took into account the accessibility of public places, transport and green spaces, but also free access and cleanliness. And the city that came in the lead is Montpellier, with a rating of 19.2 / 20! Buses and other trams are accessible to canids, as are almost all parks. Then comes the pink city, Toulouse, which gets a nice 18.7 / 20 and Nice, on the third step of the podium, with 18.4. Paris ranks 35th, not far from the bad students of Argenteuil, Saint Denis de la Reunion and Seine Saint Denis. Here is the table summarizing the evaluations made by the association:


This ranking only takes into account the large French cities, however other cities are also making efforts to ensure proper integration of dogs. Some of them have even joined the label Toutourism, and allow dog owners to obtain all the information around the places of walks and residences where their companions will be accepted:

To summarise, a dog friendly city has disposal bags available, green areas (or beaches) and transport in which dogs are welcome, but also hotels that accept them and tourist offices that will tell you everything you can do with your dog.

We also had the chance to go to two other cities that love and welcome the best dogs: Luc-sur-Mer, Saint Claude in the Jura and Granville. Here are the videos we could shoot there.