Live by the sea with your dog

In September, the entire VATC family put their luggage in Normandy to have their feet in the water, by the sea. We told you about our move here. This new life, closer to nature and away from big cities has many advantages, for dogs as for us. But the seaside can also be dangerous for our four-legged friends. So here are some things to consider, whether you plan to live near water, or travel to a place where there is sea. 

Remember that all dogs don’t like water! If Honny can’t resist the urge to swim even when he sees a puddle, Dena avoids as much as possible to have wet legs. If your dog is in his case, don’t force him to soak. If you walk, feet in the water, your dog will follow you by staying on the sand.

The sea and its dangers

For a dog who loves water, the sea is an excellent playground. However, beware of currents and baines that could quickly drag him off. To avoid drowning, never leave your dog with your eyes, stay close to him as much as possible, and invest in a lifejacket, which could save his life!

And even staying at the edge, the sea can be a source of concern for your pet. It contains sodium chloride, salt, and too much ingestion of this salt water can cause severe dehydration. If your dog starts having diarrhea when he comes back from the beach or is constantly urinating, do not wait to take him to a veterinarian so the situation does not get worse. To avoid this, it is better to give him fresh water to drink regularly, especially if it is hot. He will be thirsty and will naturally drink in the sea, seeking to rehydrate.

Finally, to avoid skin problems, remember to rinse your pet on all fours after going out to sea. A healthy dog is unlikely to get a skin infection, but if yours suffers for example dermatitis, avoid contact with the water, or rinse well afterwards, if he couldn’t help but make a little dip. The same goes for his eyes and ears. If your canine often has ear infections or conjunctivitis, be careful and do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian.

Stress at the beach

Walk on the sand for the first time can be stressful for the dog, especially if he’s already anxious. Living on the seashore, you have to be ready for him not to want to go to the beach at all, or to have a strong moment for him. This is the case of Honny. Every time he arrives on the sand, he goes crazy, starts barking, pulls on his leash, runs in all directions and attacks Dena, which makes walking more difficult.

By this attitude, he shows that he lets himself be overwhelmed by his emotions and that it’s the beach that is the cause, since as soon as it comes out, it calms down. The large expanse of water, the open space and no landmark can be the causes of this stress. How to cure it? By taking the time, going step by step and asking for advice from a canine behaviorist. The idea is always not to force it. It’s necessary that these moments shared outside are pleasant for everyone, and above all for him. We also need to be relaxed when we arrive on the beach so that we do not give it more stress and get out of the vicious circle.

With time, he feels better and his behavior improves significantly, even if there is still work for all of us!

Living by the sea is a real pleasure and a source of joy for dogs as for us, despite these small inconveniences to be careful. If you feel like changing your environment but aren’t sure if your pet is comfortable, you can always take it to the sea for a few days to see how it behaves. And don’t forget that if you are where you live and spend time with your dog, he’ll be the happiest.