Initiate a trusting relationship with your dog

trust relation dog

Emeline Penas, canine behavioral specialist at Parlons Chien Seine et Marne, gives you some advices to initiate an keep a trusting relationship with your animal. She uses a soft,  positive and peaceful method. It is important for her to understand dogs’ needs and it can helps you live with him in harmony.

Things you have to keep in mind

  • Dogs are not humans and educational methods are not the same for children and pets.
  • Due to his animality, your fluffy ball has specific needs, like bark, explore, meet new friends, chew, etc.
  • You have to be a good leader for him, set limits, and be a referent and also a «bubble of happiness».
  • Never apply physical punishment and raise your voice.
  • Always be constant, consistent and persevering.
  • Keep some authority on your dog, but don’t be military.

Thanks to this context you set, the limits you impose and the time you spend with him, you will be able to initiate a trusting relationship with your fluffy ball. It is the key if you want to travel with your dog.