In case of death

Even if it should be tragic, the death of your dog can occur, in an unpredictable and brutal way. But in this case, what do you do when you’re away from home? Whether it is in France or abroad?

What French law says?

In France, when you lose your hairball, you have got several options. If your pet weighs less than 40 kg, you can bury it in your garden, in a box or wrapped in a sheet, provided that it is at least 35 meters from the first houses and water points. Its body must also be covered with quicklime. You can also have him buried in an animal cemetery. There are about 20 in France, managed by private companies or associations. Services and prices depend on the cemeteries. Finally, you can decide to have your dog cremated by a veterinarian. It is up to you to decide to recover the ashes, they will be put in an urn. The incineration rate also depends on the veterinarian.

If your four-legged friend weighs more than 90 pounds, you must notify a rendering service within 48 hours, which will take care of removing the body within two days. If you are traveling in France, you can find the contact details of a squander in town hall. This service is chargeable and the price will depend on the weight of your pet and the distance traveled.

Be careful, it is forbidden to get rid of the dead body of your dog by throwing it in the trash, the sewers, etc… You risk a fine of 150 euros.

What about abroad?

Death guarantees exist in insurances you can subscribe for your doggie, they are optional, to take in addition. They are generally recommended for animals aged between 7 and 10 years and are not valid for premature death. They allow you to be compensated and to amortize the expenses related to the death. On the other hand, a veterinarian must have his death confirmed.

If you are abroad and your dog has a problem in the plane or on the spot, what will happen to him will depend on where you are. He may be incinerated or buried on site, so it is better to contact the local authorities beforehand.

And if he gets sick, if his days are in danger, you can decide to have him treated – or euthanize on the spot according to the gravity of his state – or to have him repatriated urgently in your country. It will cost you more money. The decision must be made according to his pathology and your means.

In order to minimize this type of mishap, don’t take your dog with you when traveling if he is not able to withstand the journey by plane, if he is already old or sick.

Although tragic, the death of your fluffyball can occur during a trip. Try to prepare yourself for this eventuality if you go away and anticipate solutions and options available to you if the worst happens.