How to choose your dog trainer?

Dog trainer, behaviorists, they are there to help you transmit to your dog the right information, so he knows how to behave in front of other animals, but also in his daily life. He can even help him overcome stress, manage anxieties and solve a malaise. In short, its role can be vital and beneficial, but it must be chosen. Here are some keys that will help you decide. 


The first thing is obviously that the current goes well between the educator you have chosen and your dog, but also between him and you. His method must also suit you and be in accordance with your values. For the best, you also need to know what your pet needs and what you expect from the sessions with the professional you choose.

The first meeting is therefore very important. It’ll allow you to learn more about the educator, his methods and what he can do to help your four-legged friend. A first free appointment is a good sign, but ask the person you meet if he plans to bill you for this interview or not.

In any case, don’t force things. If you have any doubt or feel that your dog is uncomfortable with the behavioral specialist you are going to meet, do not be stubborn, it would be a waste of time, money and totally counterproductive for everybody.

Where can you start ?

If you know what you are looking for, how to find educators or behavioralists? Already, it’s better to focus your research near you, so you don’t have too much to do, if you go to the workplace of the professional. The latter may also be unable to work with you if you live too far away.

Then you can seek advice from your veterinarian, he will certainly know one or two specialists in the region that he will recommend.

Finally, the internet is a mine of information. You can do your research directly, see the reviews and reviews left by other customers on the canine educators’ websites and find all the details that will be useful to you. You should also know that only 2 diplomas are recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, and therefore by the state: the professional dog training BP and the blind guide dog education diploma. The other degrees are mainly training certificates. In all cases, prefer to privilege the feeling and the experience of an educator to his diplomas.


Once you have found the person who seems to be right for you, it remains to be seen whether the classes will be successful. You can opt for individual or collective sessions, the best is to be able to do both and alternate, depending on the problems of your dog. Some of our companions react better when they are alone while others will need to see other dogs to reproduce their good behavior.

Finally, regarding the rates, each professional is free to fix his own as he sees fit. Know that the sessions cost on average between 40 and 50 euros. Once you have agreed on the work to be done and a roadmap for how the sessions will unfold, you’ll just have to start!

With the right dog trainer, no doubt your dog will be able to do anything. When traveling with your dog, we were able to help Honny overcome many fears, on the advice of our behaviorist. He can now take the train or go to an airport, which made him very afraid before!