How to choose your dog sitter?

If going with your dog on vacation is a great adventure, it’s not given to everyone. Whether it’s the place where you go that isn’t suitable for dogs, your animal that isn’t able to travel or simply that you don’t want to take it for reasons that belong to you, he needs a dog sitter. To leave calm and your four-legged friend is pampered during your absence, here are some tips. 

  • Define your needs

All animals don’t need the same attention, depending on their age, health and temperament. So you need to know if a dog sitter is needed to stay at home during your absence, one that welcomes your dog at home or that he simply passes several times a day to cuddle and walk Medor. Defining the right benefit will help you find the right person.

  • Use websites

There’re various websites that allow you to find the rare pearl, such as Pawshake, Gudog or Dog Buddy. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best. Their big advantage: you can find notes and comments left by other dog owners than dog sitter. If each experience is different, these appreciations can help you refine your choice. You can also opt for a pension near you, which other users have already given an opinion.

  • Meet the dos sitter

As you wouldn’t entrust your child to something you have never seen, the same goes for your doggie. The meeting will allow you to see if the current goes well with the latter but also to know where you leave it if you choose the host family formula during your holidays. If you feel that your dog is not comfortable or that you have the slightest doubt, you will always be able to choose someone else, which is much more complicated if you arrange to meet her on the day of departure.

  • Ask all your questions

It may seem obvious, but do not hesitate! You will already know if you are dealing with someone patient or not and then better go on a trip with peace of mind, without having missed any questions.

  • Make a contract

Although it’s not mandatory to do it in writing – especially if you go through a website that handles everything – you can quite create your own contract in writing, if that reassures you. You can also define the rules to be respected by the dog sitter, the things to do in case of emergency and the frequency of the news he will give you of your pet during your stay.

  • Take a test before leaving

Last step if you still have doubts: leave your dog a few hours or even all day with the dog sitter you have chosen to see if everything is going well. This will allow you to know if your dog is comfortable and if the cohabitation will go well in your absence.

Leaving your dog to someone you do not know, no matter how professional, isn’t an easy thing, so these few tips can help you find the right person.