How to choose the croquettes of your dog?

There’s a wide choice of croquettes on the market, many ranges and so many brands that it’s sometimes difficult to navigate. If you want to change your dog’s kibble or plan to adopt one and are already wondering about its diet, here are a few things to check that will help you make the right choice. 

To choose Fido’s croquettes, you must first target your needs. Depending on its age, weight and any pathologies it may have, some croquettes will be more recommended than others. There are ranges specifically designed for young dogs, others for seniors too.

Where to buy croquettes?

You can supply directly to your veterinarian. Canine health professionals generally have several ranges adapted to all the problems that dogs may encounter. However, these croquettes can be quite expensive and are not necessarily accessible to smaller budgets.

You can buy food from your dog at the supermarket. Many brands are sold there, and the bags are relatively big and cheap. It isn’t certain that you find many croquettes of very good quality, made with fresh products.

In pet stores, it’s also possible to buy your dog’s kibble or provide you on the internet, if you opt for a particular brand and that would not be sold in stores, or at least not everywhere.

The composition

It’s obviously the composition of the croquettes which make vary their price. To choose the best, take the time to read the composition, keeping in mind that the ingredient that appears first on the list is the one that will be most present in the recipe.

The ideal is to invest in a product with the most protein and the least possible carbohydrates. Also avoid cereals which, if cheap and often used in the manufacture of croquettes, provide little nutrients to the dog and are not really useful for him. In terms of protein, even though vegetarianism is growing in canine nutrition, most experts agree that it’s better to give animal protein to our four-legged companions. Here, not all proteins are equal: choose fresh products over dehydrated meat or by-products. Finally, the diversity of vitamins is also important for the balance of the dog.

In summary, kibbles with little or no grain and good animal protein are the best way to feed your dog.

What cost?

The more the croquettes are made of proteins, natural ingredients and the more they tend to be expensive. Depending on your budget, some brands may seem inaccessible, however, taking the time to compare them, you will find your happiness, a happy medium that suits your dog and your wallet!

To maximize the chances of your pet to maintain good health, choose quality kibble, low in cereals and high in protein and vitamins. You may otherwise opt for a homemade meal preparation or a wet diet.