How to choose a good groomer?

In order for your dog to have all the care he deserves and to be in good health, both physically and mentally, you need to be surrounded by the best possible professionals, including the groomer. But do all dogs need to be groomed? How to find the rare pearl? 

The grooming has several interests for the animal, already at the level of its hygiene. Bathing the dog, cutting off the hair that can annoy him (between the pads for example), cleaning his ears, eyes and teeth not only allow him to be clean but also to avoid some health problems. It is also important for his well-being, he will feel better and more comfortable if his hair does not drag on the ground and is not completely entangled. If all dogs do not need a regular mowing, it is recommended that they take a bath and take care of their eyes, ears and mouths.

What criteria?

For starters, you need to make a choice between going to a grooming salon and bringing in the home-based professional. If you opt for this second option, you need to have a little room at home and a minimum of equipment for the groomer to do his job.

If instead you choose to go to a salon some aspects are to be taken into account. To begin, the distance from your home: start by looking for someone close to you and move away gradually if you really don’t find your happiness. Rely on the recommendations of your acquaintances, word of mouth is often the best way to make a choice. However, if no one in your entourage has a dog or can recommend a professional, do not hesitate to consult the notices that you’ll find on the internet, left by other customers.

Once your appointment took place, pay attention to what you see in the living room. The establishment must be clean, smell good, the dog’s hair musn’t be dragged and the material must be properly cleaned and sterilized. To meet the needs of all canines, it must have different products, suitable for long hairs, short, but also puppies. See also how the groomer behaves with you as well as with your companion: does he ask you questions about him in order to know him better, about his pathologies and about his temperament in general or does he seem indifferent to you? ? This is a sign that should put you in the ear. Also observe the reaction of your dog. If he is suspicious and fearful, it may be that he feels that something is wrong with the person he has in front of him.

Finally you should know that the professional you go to must have obtained a certificate of dog groomer and feline, issued by the Chamber of Trades and Crafts. For that, he must be able to justify some professional experience.

Ur dog

Never forget the essential: your animal. The best is to start grooming when he’s still young so that he can be comfortable with this unnatural procedure for him. Feeling manipulated, maintained and moreover by someone he does not know can be a great source of stress. In addition to a good knowledge of canine anatomy, the groomer must also have a good quality of listening, know how to reassure your dog and answer all your questions. Feel free to ask him many and if you have any doubt, don’t let him groom your dog, on pain of making it aggressive and traumatize. If this is his first grooming – whatever his age – it must be in the form of discovery, smoothly and with a playful dimension.

Finally, concerning the prices, they vary according to the region but also of the show, each one being free to fix its own tariffs. To give you an idea, however, it is generally agreed on the internet that mowing a small dog costs 40 euros and a classic grooming 30 euros. It’s up to you then to judge whether the prices practiced seem acceptable to you or not.

Can we do the grooming yourself?

You can completely bathe your dog, with a shampoo adapted to his coat, it’s also the opportunity to spend together a friendly moment and get closer. When it comes to mowing, if you decide to get started, it’s at your own risk. You could hurt him if he moves or cut some hair too short, it’s up to you to see if you feel able to do it or not.

Hygiene, hospitality, behavior and prices are the main points to pay attention to when you bring your four-legged pet to the groomer.

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