Good reflexes at the beach

All beaches don’t accept dogs in France, because of the “inconvenience” that four-legged companions can cause, such as droppings, fights or even straying. Worse, some even consider not letting the dogs walk because their presence would leave the seaside too dirty. So that everything goes well and that the canids can circulate on the beaches, some rules are to be respected. 

Beaches are meeting places, where you can enjoy the summer, swim and take great care. The presence of dogs shouldn’t be a problem and for everything to happen at best, there are certain steps to take, some very simple rules to follow.

First, read the signs at the entrance of the beaches. While some allow animals to roam freely, others have put in place certain restrictions, such as the prohibition for them to go there during the summer or at certain times of the day. These measures are intended to avoid annoying holidaymakers at peak times. So try to comply with these regulations and, why not, choose your holiday destination based on the beaches that accept dogs.

Most of the time, your dog must be on a leash so as not to annoy those around him on the beach and avoid that meetings with other people do not go wrong. If we sometimes let Honny and Dena move freely, it’s only when there is no one on the beach. So remember to have his leash on you, especially if your dog does not respond to the reminder or is his first experience at the seaside.

Finally, and this is probably the most important, don’t forget to have with you dung bags. The beaches are often not equipped with garbage cans, however you can find them on the dikes. Dog friendly cities also put bags everywhere, in case you do not have one. You can, before going on the beach, to inquire at the Tourist Office of the town, to find out where the bags are. If you are caught in the act of “no pickup”, you risk a fine, the amount of which is often determined by the city. Not respecting the ban on the movement of dogs on the beach also exposes you to this type of sanction.

Accessories to take away

For a ride to the beach with your dog is going well, better carry with you his leash, or a lanyard to let him more free of his movements, bags of excrement, but also water and a towel to wipe the fur and paws of your canine. If he ever goes to the water, better put him a lifejacket. Also take a toy to make this experience as fun as possible. If your pet is not comfortable in the water or does not want to swim, do not force him.

Be careful during the summer, during the hottest hours of the day, the sand can burn the pads of your animal, so avoid walking around at these times and favor the morning and evening. Finally, if he drinks too much salt water or eats too much seaweed, he may be sick later and vomit.

Enjoy the summer of a great walk on the beach with your doggie is a real pleasure, both for him and for you. For this to remain possible, all that remains is to apply these small instructions.