Going on holidays with your dog in September

If you have the chance to take your vacation now, you are part of the “Septembrists”. The Home To Go site has made the ranking of the cities where holiday makers put their bags in this month of return. But can we go with our dog? This is what we’ll see. 

Portugal is at the top of this ranking, with the Algarve and Lisbon, which are the two most visited places for tourists in September. You can reach the country with the company Tap Portugal, which accepts to take the dogs under certain conditions or to travel by car, by respecting some safety rules.

Once there, you can search for accommodation through AirBnB, Booking, or the Casamundo website.

About activities, most Algarve beaches aren’t allowed for dogs, or at certain times, be sure to respect these rules. You can also walk around and enjoy the weather with your doggie.

In Lisbon, dogs are rarely accepted in coffees, restaurants or transport. You can, however, take them to public parks!

For the formalities, a European passport and updated vaccines allow Medor to enter and exit without problems.

Finally, even if your dog can’t follow you everywhere, it’s easy to take him with you to Portugal, which has the advantage of being close to France, of having the same currency and a more lenient climate. .


Amsterdam is in third place in the Home To Go! Being part of the European Union, like Portugal, it’s easy to go from France. Your pet must have his papers and vaccines up to date. You can get there by plane, or by train. The four-legged companions are admitted aboard the Thalys. The trip is free for dogs who weight less than 6kg and holding in a travel bag of 45 x 30 x 25cm. For the others, a “dog” ticket is available.

In the same way as in Portugal, you can find accommodation that accepts hairballs on AirBnB or Booking, for example.

Who says Amsterdam says bike! It’s very easy to rent everywhere and it’s a good way to walk with your dog! If he’s athletic and can keep up the pace, he can run next to you, attached to a harness. If he’s older and small enough, he can go in a rack and enjoy the wind in his hair. However, be careful, better to walk out of the city if your pet is running next to you. The city center is very busy and many more people are cycling; which can scare him or be dangerous for your pet.

Finally, if Amsterdam is a beautiful city, it’s not really suitable for a dog, especially if you plan to visit museums, which are prohibited.

Other destinations

Other cities and countries most visited in September, according to Home To Go are Mallorca, Paris, Ajaccio, Barcelona, Nice, Ile de Ré and Reunion. Like the first three destinations, they are all accessible to dogs, whether you go there by car, train, plane or boat!

Aside quarantine cases or regulations in some countries that would limit or even prohibit the arrival of a dog on the territory, your four-legged companion can follow you everywhere in your journeys. And if you prefer to avoid other “septembrists” during your holidays with your dog, now you know where they are going!