French’s favorite dogs

The Société Centrale Canine has released the top 20 breeds of dogs registered in the LOF (book of French origins) the most plebiscite by the French in 2018. Who comes first? This is what we will see. 

If the shepherds have long occupied the steps of the podium, has come from the United States that slips to the top: the Australian Shepherd! 12906 individuals were adopted last year. These doggies have the coat, although the breed is older than some others: the American Kennel Club recognized it in 1991. These dogs are affectionate and require a lot of attention, but they are especially great companions of road, which could follow you everywhere.

In second place, there is the Belgian Shepherd, who saw 11729 individuals to be adopted in 2018.

And on the last step of this podium: the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Then come in this ranking of the Central Canine Society:

4 The Golden Retriever

5 The German Shepherd.

6 The American Staffordhire Terrier

7 Labrador

8 The French Bulldog

9 The Cavalier King Charles

10 The Chihuahua

11 The Beagle

12 The English Setter

13 The English Cocker Spaniel

14 The Corso Cane

15 The Breton Spaniel

16 The Yorkshire Terrier

17 The Siberian Husky

18 The Dachshund

19 The Bernese Mountain Dog

20 The Shih Tzu

Do you plan to adopt a dog from one of these breeds, but you do not know where to turn? If you want to travel with, know already that not all dogs can travel the same way. Then, find out from dog educators or shelters, they will help you find the companion with whom you will get along perfectly!

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