Formalities and identification you must have

Before you decide to travel with your dog, in your country or abroad, there are things you should know, vaccines you must do and ID you have to take with you. Let’s start the list.

First, your dog shall be identified before he is four months. In France, it’s binding and it could be done with a tattoo or with a microship. Veterinaries and animal shelters can consult national records thanks to thoses tools and find the dog owner he is alone. Don’t forget tom update all the information about your dog if you move of give him to somebody else.

So, the tattoo is a pemanent mark on the skin made up of 6 numbers ans letters in the inne side of the ear or the thigh. If you want to travel just in France, it’s enough, but since July 2011, animals have to wear microships in the European Union. They are injected in dog’s left neckline by a veterinary and can be read by a specific machine. Check that your fluffy ball has one before you cross the border.


Some vaccines are mandatory – whether you travel or not – and some are not. You have to check all your dog’s vaccines before you travel, it is very important.

Mandatory vaccines are managed against Canine Distemper, Canine Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Rabies and Parvovirus disease. Except Rabies vaccine (injected at 3 months), the others need to be done when your puppy is 2 months old and revamped once a year.

Others vaccines exist, but are not mandatory : against piroplasmosis and canine kennel cough. Make sure you’re up to date before you pack your bags and go on a journey with your dog.


It’s not mandatory in France but can be necessary in other countries. The deworming treatment allows you to stamp out internal parasites like worms and avoid transmission to humans. It also preserve your dog from injuries, like respiratory diseases, intestinal disorders or growth delay for puppies.

The deworming treatment you choose depend on your animal’s habits: is he in direct contact with other dogs? Does he eat everything he finds? He is a hunter? Or do you have old or fragile person around you? On average, you have to use deworming treatmen 2 or 4 times a year, when de season changes.

In summary, when you travel with your dog, you must have his vaccination record. Your fluffy ball needs to be tattooed or have to wear a microship, when you’re abroad. Don’t foget the deworming treatmen either !

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