Entomojo, croquettes with insects!

We went to meet Paola and Madeleine, the founders of the brand Entomojo. They offer croquettes for your companion, based on insect proteins! 

What you have to remember

  • The protein content in Entomojo kibble is high, reaching 65%.
  • The products offered are cereal free.
  • The manufacture and consumption of insect proteins is better for the environment.
  • The brand’s products are no more expensive than those of another brand of croquettes offering products without cereals.
  • If the taste for the dog is different from what it has already been able to eat, it is nonetheless appetizing.

In fact, insect-protein croquettes from Entomojo make it easy for the environment, but also for your dog’s health! If you find this project interesting and you want to participate, you can click here.