Elise and Chuck, from Guyana to the Czech Republic, via Marseille

Here’s Elise’s story. Discover all her adventures, the places visited and the memories she created with Chuck.


Chuck is a 65kg Caucasian Shepherd who crossed my path when he was not three months old. It was when I came to the Czech Republic. I lived in an old truck for several months, from Marseille. I parked on the banks of the Vlétuv, right in Prague, and I had a hard time leaving again because life was busy and inexpensive.

When I left the city I met a Czech, Jiri, who mumbled a few words of French and, on a stroke of madness, I followed him to his mountain. I stayed in his family sipping the best beers in the world, with his grandmother and his wife. I was at a moment of my journey where I did not want to move or want to go back … To leave I needed something more, a different motivation, other than the parade of beautiful landscapes through my immense windshield. Jiri’s grandmother had a small dog, a Kangal, a giraffe.
I fell in love, it was a mountain of kindness. Since always I wanted to take a dog but it was difficult to reconcile with a gaunt life. At least, that’s what I thought. Jiri finds me a puppy, not a Kangal for once but, he tells me, “a lot smarter”, let’s go. The difficulty for me was that I needed passport papers etc … To continue the trip and take the road. It was good, the litter of puppies in question is a pure line of Czech Republic, both parents are champions of beauty and attack: the puppies are all in order.
The first time I saw these two parents, standing up to bark (and spit on me), I thought I was going to die. A mixture of bears, lion and wolf. Impossible for me to have a dog that made me so scared! Then I saw the babies and there … I cracked, which one must never do of course. Except that I have never regretted it.

Chuck has been with me for 4 years wherever I go, with his big legs and huge heart. His kindness impresses me every day. Very tall guardian he appropriates all the places where I put my suitcase, even if it’s only one hour, it’s quite incredible. He is for me hugs and protection, companionship and devotion.

Reboosted, I leave the Czech Republic and I zigzag on the European map in his company. We will return to France a little less than a year later. Then, I decided to leave to live in Guyana, to resume the course of my future and thus that of my studies. A French department in South America where it is between 25 and 30 ° C all year and 80 to 95% humidity … Perfect for a dog of the mountain super hairy! I tell myself that I’m screwed, Chuck will suffer a lot in this country. Not to mention diseases, insects ….
The veterinarians of metropolis (who knew even less than me) scared me. Too bad I test the first months with Chuck and we will advise! After the train, the plane, and 12 hours of travel, here we are in French Guiana. I decide to mow Chuck once a month to limit skin diseases due to humidity and check insect bites etc …

Veterinarians on the spot completely disassemble the words of the vets of metropolis and I see that there are dogs everywhere here. I believe it. And then we start our third year on Guyana. And everything is so cool! Since a few months, we decided to immerse ourselves in the Amazonian forest, at the Wayanas, an Amerindian tribe on the Surinamese border. It is the darling of all children and not that …

It is clear that traveling with a dog requires additional logistics … Just like traveling with children! Most hotels now accept dogs. Ditto for restaurants, bars … I go very often with Chuck! Well, often people change sidewalk seeing us land with his big mane, but we rarely wipe refusals wherever we went. I can not understand the people who give up or give their dogs because they are moving … Just because they change city and street! Today, anything is possible with his dog. In addition, the European passport promotes so much the crossing to the borders that it becomes a game of children.

Similarly, there is no choice of race to do according to his future trips. At least that’s what I consider. Chuck is not athletic, and yet I go on a hike. I do more pose, that’s all. It’s 65 kg, so what? He takes the plane every month, it’s even me who installs it on the plane; Where is the problem ? He takes the boat, the train, the boat, the bus … I think he did everything. Neither its size nor its weight is a problem. And his adaptation to tropical life was done in a few months: he does not suffer any more heat or almost no more. In short … There is no excuse to abandon his dog … As long as they are with you, they will be the happiest in the world!

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