Dublin with your dog

Dublin, capital of Ireland. In addition to its Guinness, whiskey, Saint Patrick and leprechauns, the city offers beautiful walks to achieve with your hairball. Here’s an overview of what you can do if you plan to visit the Irish capital and take your dog there.

First of all, you have to go to the country. To do so, you can take the plane, like Aer Lingus company that accepts dogs on board. Your dog must weigh up to 64 kilos to travel in the hold and it will coast about 160 euros for transport. If you come from France, you can also take the ferry, with the Irish Ferries company. Dogs travel in a kennel that will cost you several euros per crossing, depending on its size.

Enter the territory

If you come from one of the European Union’s countries, your pet must have his European passport, attesting to his identity and the vaccinations that have been made. If you come from a non-EU country, you must first know if your country has a high or low risk for rabies. Indeed, the authorities are very strict when it comes to entering the country. For the extent that the risk is considered low, your dog must simply have a microchip, be vaccinated against rabies, you must have in your possession a veterinary certificate issued by a competent authority in your country and finally, your doggie must have been dewormed between 24 and 120 hours before your trip. If, on the contrary, you come from a high-risk country, things get complicated.

In addition to complying with all the rules mentioned above, your dog will have to undergo a blood test, following his vaccination against rabies and at least three months before your arrival on Irish soil. This will be done by the way through Dublin Airport, where your animal will pass through a quarantine area so that the authorities make sure everything is in order. More info on http://www.agriculture.gov.ie/

Once there

You’ll be able to find, while passing on Booking or AirBnb, hotels and other establishments which welcome the dogs. Moreover, the B & B Irland site lists across the country no less than 150 hosts who accept dogs. You will find your happiness in the capital!

As far as city walks are concerned, dogs can very easily be leashed, however they are not accepted in pubs, restaurants and most monuments. If this is the case, this information is communicated to you with a sign at the entrance and the four-legged companions must be on a leash.

Open spaces

The city itself is not very suitable for dogs, however all around you’ll find walking trails in the cliffs or even at the water’s edge. The landscapes are wild, the weather is changing and you can take a breath of fresh air, recharge your batteries far from the city and enjoy your dog!

Depending on its size and endurance, you can choose the duration of the ride among those present on the map:

When you walk, it’s better to keep your dog on a leash because of the sheep! They are numerous on the territory and evolve in freedom in certain corners. If you’re traveling with a sheepdog, an Australian shepherd, for example, it’s quite possible that he’s very attracted to these animals and disturbs them. And beware of him if he gets caught by the shepherd! They are not all very convenient and some put warned dog owners: if a puppy annoys the sheep, he will receive rifle!

Enjoy the great Irish spaces, they’re close to Dublin and you will be totally disoriented by their beauty … as much as your dog will love playing in the water or running near the cliffs!