Discover the bike ride, with your dog, thanks to Aurore!

Traveling by bike with your dog seems impossible to you? Yet Aurore does it! With her husband, her son and her dog Nova, they go off together on the roads. To share their experiences, she created the blog Randonner Vélo and gives us her testimonial and some tips to take on the road. 


I’m Aurore, and with my husband Axel, we have been cycling for many years. When we started, we were a simple couple. Today, our son Valentin 2 ½ years and our dog Nova, one year old follow us. Before we extended the family with a dog, we thought for a long time, because in the future we would go on a bike with a dog. We also needed a dog that has the ability to follow us in our adventures.

What kind of equipment did we use?

Quickly, we bought the coach of Nova, so she can accompany us as soon as possible during our bike trips, but especially for our next trip. Eh yes! Even before it came to us, we had planned cycling around Burgundy (700 km), and it was out of the question not to take it with us.

We chose the Trixie trailer in size M. It turned out that the size below it would have been enough, because Nova is a small size.

Why did we buy a trailer and not let Nova run?

Nova was a young dog of 7 months when we left, so no question of trotting her more than a few kilometers a day, just enough to stretch her legs. It takes at least 1 year to get a dog to play sports. Nevertheless, when she’s an adult, we will always leave with a means of transport, because by bike, we easily reach an average of 15-20 km / h and a dog can not follow this pace for a long time. However, it can trot about 9-10 km / h much longer, depending on the dog and his training. But you still have to let it rest. In addition, it’s important to take care of your pads.

During our journey, a whole bag was dedicated to him to carry the croquettes, sweets, toys, leashes and full of odds and ends that didn’t serve. His gourd was lodged in a pocket of the trailer.

We have transported our dog in a trailer, but there are also baskets for the smaller dogs that attach to the handlebars or the luggage rack. I also saw a couple with a Border Collie who had fixed a basin on the luggage rack to accommodate their dog! Afterwards, it’s up to you to see if it’s better to tie your dog to the carrying system or not. Knowing that if he jumps when you ride, because he has seen a cat for example, it can be dangerous.

You have to be prepare

For this tour of Burgundy, she was only 7 months old. So we left with a bitch in full adolescence! She knew the basics of education, but her learning was far from over.

For the journey to be successful, if the dog trots alongside the bikes, he must have a minimum of education and especially that he is not afraid of cycling. A young dog may want to play with the bike and catch the wheels, especially if it’s a sheepdog. It must also be taught to stay on the same side of the bike, or in front. One last important thing, he must have a good reminder.

We chose Burgundy for its richness in greenways, and so that our dog has the opportunity to stretch his legs safely. Namely that greenways are regularly crossed by roads.

Before going on a bike with a dog, the dog must also be accustomed to the trailer, be willing to stay there and not be afraid when riding. The best thing is to go step by step, so do it in advance. Nova adopted her very quickly, especially for naps, although she generally prefers running.

Cycling with his dog

In cyclo-camping, we camp, and had our first bike ride with a dog. Previously, the question of accommodation accepting dogs had never been asked. We left without really knowing if we would be accepted everywhere, but we were pleasantly surprised. On the other hand, we often had to pay extra for her camping.

Another question arose at the time of departure: how would Nova behave on a campsite? She’s a dog with a lot of energy, and before her 6 months or so, she had a hard time landing. Well, she surprised us, because during the trip she was relatively calm. She slept with us in the tent and came to wedge between us during the night.

In the end, we spent 9 nights camping, 2 nights in bivouacs, 1 night in a hotel and 1 night in bed and breakfast and the presence of the dog has never been a problem.

Going away on a bike with a watchdog

What better way to protect your bikes than to ride a bike with a dog? So we thought she would keep our bikes when we stopped at the supermarket and keep the curious out of the way, it turned out that the opposite happened. Nova attracted the crowds and she let herself be fiddled with everywhere. She even stole the show from our 2 year old son, who is usually the center of attention on our bike rides.

Cycling with a dog can be reassuring during bivouacs, the dog can scare unwanted visitors. Must the dog still have the same definition of the unwanted visitor! One night we bivouacked near a field where there were cows. In the middle of the night, the cows came closer to the tent, Nova began to bark! Fortunately, in camping she didn’t do it to us.

Some difficulties encountered

The only fears we had before leaving were that she can’t stand to stay in the trailer, or that she is inconvenienced when camping. Finally, on these points we had no problem. The only thing we were not prepared for was that sometimes, if she saw the other bike go by and walk away, she panicked and cried. And as soon as I caught them, she calmed down, lying down in her trailer. Finally, it was the only “difficulty” to manage during this bike ride.

It’s not easy to take the paths with the two-wheeled trailer. So we are looking for a single-wheel trailer solution to transport it because we have plans for trips to the mountains.

Cycling with your dog is no more complicated than going with your child. The whole thing is to respect the needs of the dog, give him time to adopt the trailer, the bikes and this new rhythm.