Cosmos and Caro’s travel

Caro travels. And she’s not alone: she always leaves with Cosmos, her dog. On her blog, CaroAndCosmos, she tells us about her journeys, through well-written stories and many photos. She decided to share with us the trip that has the most marked.

Cosmos is 2 ½ and I 33. We travel a lot together, roadtrip as much as possible, to have maximum freedom. Why both? Because it’s obvious. We are a team, we share our daily life, both in good times and hard times, so the moments of relaxation like holidays, it’s together too.

The trip that marked us the most is the one we did this spring. We went to the Balkans and visited Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. For all these countries, the only formalities we needed were a pet passport and the updated rabies vaccine.

Slovenia is a country suitable for traveling with your dog. Mostly covered with forest, there are possibilities of almost infinite walks.

In Croatia, we loved the seaside. Many beaches are accessible to dogs. There’s even one in Crikvenika with a dog bar with chips and beer just for them. The only city where we have been badly received is Split. On the contrary, Dubrovnik remains one of our best memories. Krka National Park was great too. We took the boat and visited the cacades, where we could even bathe. In Croatia, chines are accepted almost everywhere for free!

In Bosnia, you have to have the “green card” of car insurance to cross the border. This document is free, just think about asking for it early enough. It serves to prove that the car is insured internationally. We went to Sarajevo, because I really wanted to see what had become of this city since the end of the war. Cosmos was treated like a prince. People could not believe we were there, just both, to visit this city. There are a lot of stray dogs in the country, but they are rather pacifists. They passed by without even turning our heads in our direction. We also visited the former Olympics Olympic ski jump of 1984.

We were delighted with our trip. So much so that we will probably return in 2019 or 2020. We have so much to see.


The blog exists since July 1st. I opened it after my trip to Bosnia.

I really struggled to find the information needed, and right, to cross the borders with Cosmos. I had to make a mix between a dozen blogs, not all in French, and information obtained from the embassy and local veterinarians. It was very bad, so I told myself that I was going to do the site I did not find, with all the information I would have liked to have myself to plan this trip.

So, for every country we visit, there is an article for all border formalities for dogs (vaccines, transport fund, veterinary papers, muzzle, etc …) and the same for what I needed for me (vehicle insurance papers, green card, tow cable, etc …).

Then, I write an article by city visited, with the places where we slept, the things to do, to see, how it happened for Cosmos, the good plans … A bit like a Routard with his dog .

To not miss the adventures of Caro and Cosmos, just go for a ride on their blog!