Can a pregnant bitch travel?

You have planned a long time vacation and your dog must be in the party, only it comes into gestation in the meantime. What to do ? Can she accompany you? What care does she need to give life serenely? 

The pregnancy lasts between 58 and 68 days. It’s necessary, at first, to be able to recognize the warning signs. Your dog, if it’s not sterilized obviously, will have its heat on average twice a year and the pregnancy is often detectable one month after mating.

What are the signs ?

Each animal is different and the reactions can vary. But usually, the pregnant bitch loses appetite in early pregnancy, its behavior changes: it tends to isolate itself and can become more aggressive, her breasts grow, you can see a vaginal discharge and, of course, her abdomen ends up rounding. If you suspect a pregnancy, consult a veterinarian who can check it and make sure your dog is in good health.

Its needs

During the first half of gestation, the dog may need a higher protein diet, such as chicken or beef. During the second half, she will tend to eat more, up to twice her usual amount of food. She must also continue to exercise, walk out, even if it will get tired faster.

During delivery, your dog will certainly not need you unless a puppy is struggling to get out and is stuck. Otherwise, she’ll know instinctively how to do and look after her offspring. You can naturally stay by her side, but if you are too agitated, you could communicate her stress, which she does not need, it goes without saying.

Once the little ones are there, it will certainly take some time for everyone to find their place. You have to be gentle and check that her teats are not infected. Don’t hesitate to bring a veterinarian home, to avoid the mother to be separated from her young and make a tiring trip for her.

Go on a trip or not

So is it possible to go on a trip with a pregnant bitch? It depends. When you suspect a pregnancy, go see your vet right away. He will tell you whether it is safe to leave or not, depending on the general condition of your pet, but also answer all your questions.

Be aware, however, that the destination, the mode of transport and the length of your stay will be decisive. If you leave for a few days in France and your holidays are still early in the gestation, your dog can certainly accompany you, if your vet doesn’t object. Remember to bring food suitable for her. However, if you go abroad for one month, there’s a risk that she won’t come. Flying is a source of stress and your dog may give birth during the trip, which would necessarily complicate your return and your days on the spot. Moreover, if you have planned a great hike, she will not be able to follow you either.

On the other hand, if you think that your doggie is pregnant while you have already left, try to consult a local dog health professional. If this isn’t possible, you’ll certainly have to arrange your trip or even shorten it.

And if the future mother can’t leave?

If the veterinarian advises against taking him or you think it’s not safe, you can cancel / shift your trip, stay with her while she gathers, and leave when she has recovered, or leave her alone. someone you trust, this decision belongs to you.

A pregnant dog can follow you in a small journey, if it’s far enough from her birth and not too tiring for her. It is better not to take any risk and why not shift your trip so that it can be part of it.