Camping with your dog

Throughout the year (even if it’s more pleasant when it’s hot), you can pitch your tent. Go on an adventure, cross countries like a snail, with your house on your back … And with your dog at your side! Because yes, you can totally camp with your favorite doggie.

 Camping holidays

If you plan to leave during your holidays in a campsite, to enjoy the entertainment, the atmosphere and the pool, choose a suitable. Dogs are often accepted for a fee, but you must also think about the spaces and infrastructure around. Is there a beach that accepts dogs next door? Where can you walk? Can you take him on a day trip?

Once you have made your choice, remember that your canine must be up to date in its vaccines, identified and possibly dewormed according to the country in which you are going. He must also remain attached near the tent. Remember to provide a stake for him and a leash long enough that he can still move. It’s better to take him with you when you are not near your tent, to prevent him from being annoyed by other campers or attacking them.

Caution: ask for a shade location when booking to avoid heat stroke to your dog.

At night, you can leave your dog outside on his basket, if the weather is not too cold and if he’s used to it. There are also tents specially designed for dogs! Your holiday companion can therefore have his own space. Otherwise, you can take it with you, leave him a space where he can lie down. In this case, if you have a big dog, or even several canids with you, consider taking a big tent!

To help you in your search for the ideal campsite, you can visit the site Camping Flower.

Wild camping

For nature lovers, who travel and know how to assemble and dismount a tent quickly, the wild camping offers you many possibilities. But be careful, you can’t sleep anywhere. In France, wild camping is regulated by the section “camping, development of residential leisure parks, implantation of light recreational homes and installation of mobile homes for recreation and caravans” with Decree No. 2015-1783 of 28 December 2015 relating to the regulatory part of Book 1 of the Urban Planning Code to modernize the content of the local urban plan.

Clearly, wild camping is prohibited near roads and public roads, as well as on private land, unless you have obtained the agreement of the owner. You can not pitch your tent on a registered, classified or saved site, at the seaside or within 200 meters of a water point used for consumption.

Be careful: town halls can also ask for a formal ban on camping, check with the tourist office.

In Europe

If you go with your dog to the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Croatia, Italy or Greece, it is better to avoid camping. wild, or risk a fine.

In Poland, this practice is tolerated except in national parks. In Spain, it’s the different regions that decide, but as a general rule, you can’t pitch your tent in urban areas and national parks. You can find more information here. On the Scottish side, you have the right to camp on private fields, as long as they aren’t cultivated. Further north, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland allow wild camping, thanks to Allemansrätten, the “Right of all Men” to have access to nature. So you can set up your tent wherever you want, even on private land, as long as you are within 150 meters of a home. In Estonia, the law is pretty much the same, except that you have to ask the landowner for permission to sleep there.

Whether you’re camping or pitching your tent, you can take your dog with you! Just think of taking a bigger tent if he sleeps with you, a stake and a lanyard so that he stays near the tent, his personal belongings (bowl of water, food, basket and other toys), as well as only bags to pick up his droppings.