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Looking for information on the formalities to enter a country with your dog? Need professional advice on the health of your four-legged companion? So take a ride on AniVetVoyage!

Created in 2014 by Dr. Dominique Lachapelle, veterinarian and adventurer, this website details dog import regulations around the world and informs you about everything you need to know before planning a trip with your doggie. You’ll learn many things on this site and find the technical answers to your questions, and even those that you have not yet asked! Here are some information you can find on AniVetVoyage:


  • The electronic chip that serves as identification for the dog has 15 digits. The first three correspond to the country of origin. For France, it is 250, 840 for the United States, or 826 for the United Kingdom.


  • The validity of the rabies vaccine varies from country to country.


  • When encountering an unidentified stray animal, you must call the dog pound while, if identified, you may also contact a veterinarian or the police.


  • Did you know ? Pheromones soothe the puppy, but also the adult dog. They are secreted by the female who has just had cubs, via her breasts. When your dog is stressed, you can administer these pheromones, which have been copied to be put in necklaces or spray.


  • Cages intended to go in the hold with the mention “approved” by IATA (International Air Transport Association) don’t exist. They must meet certain criteria but this is fraudulent.


  • What is the difference between an “authorized” veterinarian and an “official” veterinarian? The first practices with a clientele and has a health authorization issued by the local authority of his country. The second is appointed by the competent central authority of the country he represents and represents the government of the origin’s country of the animal traveling. It depends on the Ministry of Agriculture.


  • The electronic chips, inserted under the skin of the dog, aren’t dangerous for his health.


  • To find European information and recommendations regarding the treatment of parasitic and fungal diseases of dogs, you can go directly to the ESCCAP website.


All the information concerning the administrative formalities of the different nations, the vaccines to be made and the procedures to be applied are updated regularly. Whether you want to go to Wallis and Futuna, Brazil, Russia or even Switzerland, the information you need about your dog’s entry on the territory is available on AniVetVoyage.