Animodom Services: the ideal daycare for your dog!

You can’t take your dog on vacation, but don’t want to let him spend his days alone doing nothing? Try the canine daycare! Since July, Animodom Services has opened its own, in Villers-Rotin, Côte D’Or. On the program, outdoor games, rest and lots of new friends. 

It is on a plot of 3000m2 that Mathilde Pontone welcomes the day up to nine dogs. In turn, a furniture saleswoman, a college supervisor, a cheese saleswoman and a supermarket employee, this animal lover opened her business a year ago, starting with home visits for all the animals. “I take care of all the animals, dogs, cats, horses and even chickens!” she says.

The idea of creating a daycare center for doggies has come very quickly and Mathilde is a little “aunt” of all the dogs she deals with. “Here they can do anything they aren’t allowed to do at home. They are there to let off steam, they can jump everywhere and play, as long as they do not fight“.

Children’s day

On Wednesdays, Mathilde keeps exclusively young dogs, from three months and whose vaccines are up to date. “They need a lot of energy at that age and all have the same energy.” And indeed, after more than two hours of play, the seven dogs present that day do not seem tired in the least!

Mathilde knows all the dogs she keeps, as well as their families, who have complete confidence in her. The big advantage is that this out-of-town tata comes to pick up the four-legged companions directly from their house, if their masters can not leave them in the morning. They are used to seeing her land, and are even very impatient, as is the case of Onyx, an Australian shepherd a few months: “one morning, when she saw me arrive, she went straight on the trunk of the car to go up… Except that the door was still closed! They know where they are going and it is a good formula because when the masters have gone on a trip, they still sleep at home at night, which can be reassuring.

After a short drive, they find themselves all in the small ponds, play in the ball pool, trampoline and share all kinds of toys. “It’s very good for the socialization of the puppy to be able to meet other comrades of his age.

Home service

If your dog supports less the company of others, you can always use Animodom Services for home care. Mathilde goes to take care of the balls of hair in the morning and the evening, to give them to eat, to walk them and to make them caresses. If she thinks it’s necessary, she can even spend three times a day: “at Animodom, the welfare of animals comes first. Nothing is fixed at home, we can always modulate and adapt to their needs.


Regarding the rates, they vary according to the number of visits that your dog needs, their duration as well as the place where you live around Villers-Rotin. Count between 7 and 66 euros per day. The day at the aerated canine center costs 10 euros. All this information is available directly on the Animodom Services website.

Thanks to her availability, her listening and her love for animals, Mathilde will take care of your companion in your absence! For more information, go directly to its website, by clicking here.