Alternative medicines for dogs

They are called “soft” or “alternative” and can cure certain pathologies or relieve the pain in the dog. In addition to naturopathy, here are some other practices that can complement or even replace traditional western medicine.


It can be practiced by a veterinarian trained in osteopathy or by a practitioner who isn’t a veterinarian but who has graduated from a specialized school and passed the aptitude test organized by the Order of Veterinarians.

As with humans, the canine osteopath uses his hands to heal animals that suffer from mobility problems or digestive problems, growth, fertility, etc. This method can also help dogs with osteoarthritis less pain and less limp, but also prevent the appearance of certain joint diseases and help keep sports dogs in shape. The prices of the sessions are fixed freely, but generally oscillate between 50 and 100 euros. Find here the list of practitioners to whom you could go.


The Maison Alfort veterinary clinic was a pioneer in this area, but today it’s a discipline that is developing a lot and has proved its effectiveness. This is about healing with water. The dog must perform gentle movements in a pool and the water allows him to be relieved of his weight. In addition, most canines like water and have fun during their sessions! Hydrotherapy is used more and more as a result of accidents, to help the animal recover from a fracture or if it suffers from motor problems.

Hydrotherapy can be prescribed by a veterinarian and often requires several sessions, billed about thirty euros each.


Or the treatment with plants. This discipline helps strengthen the immune system and heals diseases gently. Herbal tea with nettles can, for example, calm prostate problems. However, be careful to find out from your veterinarian and pharmacy not to administer doses or plants that are toxic to the dog. There are already prepared products that can make your life easier.

A plant that totally enters herbal medicine is cranberry. This red berry from the same family as blueberry has antibacterial properties and helps fight against cystitis. It can be administered as a capsule to the dog or fruit juice without added sugar.


It is part of traditional Chinese medicine and involves implanting needles into the body. Thanks to the heat, the laser beam and even sometimes the electric current used, acupuncture allows the healing and the regeneration of the organism as well as the stimulation of the organs. There are more than 300 acupuncture points in dogs and this discipline mainly reduces anxiety and pain in canines, stimulating blood circulation.


It’s a gentle medicine that serves to diminish the traumatic effects of a treatment that must be taken in the long term. The injection of the drugs is done at a very small dose, subcutaneously, instead of being done directly intravenously or intramuscularly. Corticosteroids, vitamins, trace elements or analgesics are generally concerned. Several sessions are therefore necessary, but mesotherapy can help treat targeted pathologies or relieve pain, in dogs with osteoarthritis for example. It takes between 30 and 40 euros per session. Some veterinarians practice this method.

Laser therapy

It stimulates the dog’s cells and creates three reactions: a photothermal that eliminates the waste present in the metabolism, a photomechanical that relieves pain and helps the circulation and finally a photochemical that allows the destruction of treated lesions.

Laser therapy is used primarily to treat inflamed and painful wounds, but also fractures, muscle tears, gingivitis and to relieve osteoarthritis.

These alternative medicines could help relieve some of your partner’s pain, or prevent the onset of certain diseases. For more information, don’t hesitate to seek advice from a health professional.