All about sled dog!

Discover the unpublished interview of Daniel, foundator of the company Antipode, which manufactures dog’s sleds in La Pesse, in the territory of Haut Jura Saint Claude, France. In addition to trying to practice sledding dog, you can also get one! Find all useful informations on the Antipode website.

How is a sled made? How long does it take? Which dogs can practice this discipline? How much does it cost ? Daniel, the founder of Antipode, has accepted to welcome us in his workshop this winter and to answer all our questions!



What you must remember

  • Antipode is th first company to manufacture sleds in Europe. It was born in the eighties.
  • In 1992, there were more sledding dogs than people in La Pesse.
  • Plastic and aluminium have replaced wood in the process of manufacturing sleds.
  • To get your own sled, you must have between 700 and 2900 euros.
  • Every dog healthy is able to pull something!
  • While sledding dog’s races in the big cold, doggies are well protected. Daniel event counted 11 layers of clothes on his!
  • Antipode company manufactures a hundred of sleds by year.

So, you want to try sled dog before the last snow melts? You can do it! Just contact Antipode to enjoy an introductory session!