Advantages and disadvantages to travel with your dog

We can never say enough: traveling with your dog is great! But it also has some disadvantages that must be taken into account when you start. Here is a little bit of what is good and what is less good.


  • The company. Obviously, always having your dog with you is good for morale. You have to go out, if only to walk around, which makes him a great source of motivation. And if you decide to venture alone, he will still be there, always ready to listen to you!
  • Help with meetings Canines attract. Whatever the size, shape or age of your dog, it’s a great vector of encounters. People who love dogs will come to meet you, first and foremost children. Other dog owners will definitely stop for their pet to get to know yours. So if you are shy or afraid of the language barrier, Medor will help you to get over it.
  • A sense of security. Unless you bring a small dog with you, you should feel safe with your hairball, which will do everything to protect you, in case of problems.
  • A choice of destination facilitated. Of course, some countries are more dog friendly than others. Deciding to leave with a companion on all fours will necessarily guide you in the choice of the destination. To help you, find here the European destinations that love dogs the most.
  • A more nature trip. Your dog will prefer large expanses to crowded cities. Moreover, it’s not accepted everywhere in the big cities. Going with your dog allows you to take a getaway in the mountains, in the countryside or even off the beaten track! Thanks to him, you’ll also do more sports.
  • To strengthen the ties. You probably already have a strong relationship with your pet. But going on a trip and experiencing new experiences will bring you closer. Mutual trust settles automatically and it is also an opportunity for him to learn to adapt to new environments. He does not ask for anything better than spending all his time with you!
  • Savings on the guard. Unless you can leave your pet to your loved ones, you often have to think of alternative child care when you don’t bring it with you. It is a budget that must be anticipated and that can be substantial.

The inconvenients

  • The cost. You need an extra ticket if you fly or train, any supplements in the hotels and have a budget in case of unforeseen circumstances. Bringing your dog will probably cost you more than leaving without, unless you travel by car and sleep in a place that accepts animals at no extra cost.
  • Some places and countries inaccessible. If traveling with your canine helps you in the choice of the destination, it also forces you to give up some visits. Museums and some natural parks refuse them entry, they are outings that you’ll have to deprive yourself, unless you leave the dog alone during that time.
  • Stress and diseases. Changing the environment can be a source of anxiety for your dog. You must also take into account your general health and adapt to your own pace, even when it is different from yours.
  • A good organization. It will be more difficult to leave on a whim if you take Medor. Going abroad requires the completion of some formalities that take time and, unless you move with your tent on the back, you won’t find housing everywhere that accept our four-legged friends.


The advantages are more than the disadvantages, however the decision to leave with your dog is yours! If you still hesitate and some fears persist, you can read here the testimonials of travelers who have already taken the plunge.